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City trip | Amazing Prague

Hello loves! Today I’m finally doing a new travel post. This time I requested a ‘day over’ in Prague. This basically means that instead of leaving the next day, we have a full day at our destination. Which is exceptional for us! This was the first time I brought a friend on my trip. We took everything out of our day at Prague. I can still feel me calves from all the walking. Are you curious about Prague? Then keep on reading! Advertisements

What to wear when travelling on an airplane

Hi loves! Hope everyone is doing well! Back with a new post today on what to wear when travelling on an airplane. And more importantly what not to wear. I have seen my share of travel outfits passing by when working. Obviously everyone should wear whatever they want, but these are my tips on how to be comfortable and still classy.

Florence, Italy

Although we get to visit so many cities, sometimes you’re just out of luck when in comes to certain popular cities. For me, one of those cities is Florence. I have been dying to go to Florence or Bologna in Italy. Mainly because I’ve never been to Italy before I became a stewardess. For some reason Italy rarely shows up on my roster. And when it does, it’s only a short stop. Luckily, we can request specific night stops or trips. Which of course, I did. I requested a trip with night stops to Newcastle, Florence and Trondheim. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see some more pictures of my night stops and other places I have been to. So, let talk about Florence! Like I said, I have never been to Italy before I started working as a stewardess. Why I don’t know. But Italy always seemed appealing to me. Pizza, pasta and good wine. Bread, cheese, tiramisu and gelato. Amaretto and Limoncello. Good fashion. I could go on and on 😉

Turunc & Dalyan, Turkey

This summer I didn’t go on holiday. I have been so busy with work while keeping my social life intact with being away so much. I had two weeks off this summer, one week in June and the other in September. I decided to stay home and get all my stuff together. But, I do have a story to share about my visit to Turkey in summer 2013. Usually I’m not the type of girl to book an organised holiday in an all-inclusive resort. But that year I made an exception. Everybody who has been to Turkey before will know it’s hard not to stay in an all-inclusive resort. It seems that it’s the only thing you can find, when looking for a beach holiday. The reason I caved, was because I was really looking for some peace and quiet. I didn’t want to think about anything besides picking out my bikini for the day.