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This list has all the resources I use in my life. That means companies or brands I use when planning my travels, where I buy makeup or other lifestyle products and even the resources I use to build this blog. I hope these resources will be as useful to you as there are to me!


I’ve been using since I can remember! It’s my number one website when looking for accommodation. The more you book, the higher your Genius level will be. And you’ll get an extra discount on top of their low prices. Don’t forget to download the app for some extra mobile discounts too!


Most of the time, I prefer to stay in apartments over hotels. Nothing beats your own kitchen and fridge (gotta keep a bottle of wine cold at all times). Airbnb is perfect if you’re looking for a homier feeling than a hotel. What’s also a big plus for me is that most Airbnb’s are privately owned, which means you’re supporting locals. If you use this link, you’ll get a discount on your first reservation.


Tripadvisor can’t be missed when travelling. I use Tripadvisor mostly to look for the best restaurants in town and things like lists with ‘the best bars in Prague’. You can also easily book a table at a restaurant via the app. If you’re reading reviews, keep in mind that everybody can add a review 😉 So don’t rely entirely on them.

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is the newest addition to my resources. I personally love how professional and colourful their website looks! I found their website very handy and informative. You get loads of information on activities, tours and excursions in every destination, and you can immediately book tickets via their website.

Kiwi is a flight search engine that will find you the best flights out there. The options I like is where you can leave the destination open, the date open, add multiple destinations in your search or look in a specific month. Perfect if you’re flexible and looking for a budget destination. The options are endless. Kiwi also includes low-cost airlines in their search results.


Staying in hostels is not for everyone, but I will include Hostelworld as an option for budget accommodation. I might not prefer to stay in a dorm, but some hostels or guesthouses also offer private rooms. You could have a private room but with the option to meet other travellers in communal areas.


Travel insurance is a must when travelling! You can never know what is going to happen down the road. If you’re looking for travel insurance when planning a longer trip, check out Safetywing. This one has great reviews and covers many necessary things. They also cover Covid in their new policies. Definitely worth checking out.


CityPASS is located in North America. It was created to make travel easier and more affordable by giving access to an easy-to-use, discounted bundle of remarkable attraction experiences in 14 destinations. If you’re visiting New York, these passes will save you money and time!


Agoda is another major travel platform you can’t miss. It has flights and accommodation worldwide—everything in one place. If I’m looking for tickets or accommodation, I always check Agoda, too, to be sure. Agoda is massive in Asia.


Beauty Bay

A webshop with loads of different beauty brands and free shipping! They are located in the United Kingdom, and there are no customs fees for delivery in Europe. The webshop has expanded with so many more brands in the last few years. Beauty Bay is my number one webshop to buy makeup.


Amazon doesn’t need an explanation. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription yet, you’re missing out on many benefits! Click here to get your free 30-day trial!

Digital life


There are a lot of hosting options out there. I have been using Siteground since I switched from to a self-hosted website. Their customer service is fantastic, and they helped me out really well when I had to transfer my data from one to another. I find Siteground reliable and fast.

CSS Igniter

I’ve searched everywhere to find a theme for my website to adapt it precisely to how I want it to look. CSS Igniter has a lot of great themes that support every type of website. Their support desk and forum are AMAZING and fast if you have any questions. I’m using the premium Olsen theme, but there is also a free Olsen Light version.


Canva is a MUST-HAVE if you’re a blogger! I use Canva to create my Pinterest pins, logos, invitations, and so much more. There’s no learning curve compared to Photoshop. There is a free trial, and a paid subscription is about €12 per month. A pro-Canva membership is absolutely worth it if you’re serious about your blog.

Social Warfare

All those share buttons you see on every website? Social Warfare is one plugin that does this for you. I have been using it recently, but I really like this pro plugin. Many features are customizable, and the plugin comes with extras like a Pinterest Hover Button and analytics. The pro plugin costs about €20 per year, which is totally worth it if you ask me.


I made my first affiliate sale two months after posting on my blog. To drive traffic to my website, I use Pinterest. Tailwind is an automation program where you can schedule your pins. Very helpful if you don’t have the time to pin manually every day. It’s definitely an investment, but worth it. I usually plan my pins a few months ahead, which saves me a lot of time.


Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find freelancers to hire. From graphic designers to writers to virtual assistants and more. At some point, you’ll need to hire somebody to do certain tasks. Fiverr is an excellent place to find your freelancer!


I use MailerLite to create my newsletter, pop-up forms and other opt-in forms. There are many other email marketing software programs out there, but MailerLite was the easiest to learn for me. You can start with a free subscription, and when your blog grows to, move on to the premium subscription.

Creative Market

Creative Market is your ultimate resource for practically everything related to a website. You can find themes, fonts, templates, designs and more. There are amazing bundles that make your unique design worth the price.


Making Sense of affiliate marketing

Making Sense of affiliate marketing is a course from Michelle from ‘Making Sense of Cents’. She makes a ton of money with affiliate marketing through her blog. With this course, you will get everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to use it to monetize your blog. The course is an investment to make, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for loads of information. I purchased it because I was done roaming about the internet, looking for pieces of information.

Paid by Pinterest – House of Brazen

Don’t know how to use Pinterest? Want to know how to create the perfect pin? Pinterest is a must-have for driving traffic to your blog. I have used Elise’s course, and it’s a good beginner’s course to take you through the entire process, and this course is super affordable.

Get Pain To Pin – Blogging Her Way

I found this course from Dale handy if you want to know a little more about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. You will learn to use Pinterest directly for affiliate marketing, even if you don’t have a blog. If you already know the basics pretty well when it comes to Pinterest and affiliate marketing, this course is not for you.


A lot of information can be found online, but this is very time-consuming. If you want to get there faster and looking for something specific to learn, check out the courses on Udemy. I bought a course on Travel Writing a few months ago, which was really helpful, informative and fun to follow. Most of the time, Udemy has incredible sales, where you can buy a course for around €10.