20 cute travel accessories for women | all under €25

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This list has 20 cute travel accessories for women under €25! The motto of this post is? Why have boring travel gadgets when you can have unique and funny-looking travel accessories? It spices up your travel belongings and makes your travel accessories personal.

It will be much harder to get your luggage mixed up when tagged with this beautiful champagne rose leather luggage tag! These 20 cute travel accessories are another great excuse to buy fantastic-looking travel gadgets for your trip.

Are you still figuring out what to buy for a travel lover or someone going on a trip? This list of 20 cute travel accessories for women under €25 also serves as a great gift guide for a travel lover!

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1. Leather Champagne Gold Wallet

This cute leather wallet clutch sparks up your travel accessories for sure! They can be used as a clutch and come in loads of different colours!

2. Silicone Travel Bottles

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25

Bringing full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner on your travels is so outdated. Carefully pour all your liquids into these silicone travel bottles and join the real travel girls.

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3. Travel Neck Pillow

Although it might not be super comfortable sleeping on a plane, this travel neck pillow can give you a little nudge in the right direction.

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4. Leather Luggage Tags

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 rose gold leather luggage tags

Can you imagine taking the wrong luggage with you? With these gorgeous rose leather luggage tags, it should be clear to everyone to keep their hands off your luggage!

5. Vegan Leather Passport Holder

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 vegan leather passport cover

Ugh, how super-duper cute is this passport cover?! My favorite item in this list of 20 cute travel accessories for women! This passport cover is made of vegan leather and, therefore, totally guilt-free!

6. LED Lighted Travel Mirror

It’s always handy to have a LED lighted compact mirror on you anytime, whether to reapply your makeup or check if there’s no lipstick on your teeth before an appointment.

7. Travel Toothbrush Container

I don’t know about you, but I always lose tooth little plastic caps to put on your toothbrush. This super handy holder keeps your toothbrush and toothpaste together in this cute container.

20 cute travel accessories for women under €25

8. Hanging Toiletry Cosmetic Bag

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 flamingo

A hanging toiletry bag comes in handy when you want to have all your bathroom stuff together but organized. Instead of having them scattered around the sink, you can keep them in this unique hanging flamingo toiletry bag.

10. Silk Sleeping Mask

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 silk blue sleeping mask

This sleeping mask is made of silk and, therefore extra soft for your skin and hair. A must-have on the plane or when battling jetlag and your room is not dark enough.

11. Portable Charger

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 mint portable charger

This portable charger comes in cute colors, but my favorite is this mint blue one. A portable charger is a must. You don’t want to run out of battery when you’re in that fantastic photo spot, and it’s easier not to hassle around with an adaptor.

12. Packing Cubes

For my first solo travel, I bought packing cubes to help me pack efficiently. These packing cubes are a lifesaver! You can pack more with less space, and they keep you organized in your room too. These packing cubes come in all different kinds of colors!

13. Rose Gold Wireless Ear Buds

Once you’ve changed to wireless earphones, there’s no way back. These top-rated earbuds come in this beautiful rose pink color. What’s not to love?

14. Waterproof Stripe Backpack

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 cute stripe backpack

This fantastic backpack is excellent for holding all your essentials while traveling. The size is just perfect, and it comes with this little pouch to hold any cosmetic essentials.

15. Holographic Purple Makeup Bag

Use this holographic purple makeup bag for all your liquids and makeup. Easy to take out when going through security and definitely not dull.

16. Universal Travel Adaptor

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 blue pink universal adaptor

One of my favorite items in this list with 20 cute travel accessories for women! We all need an adaptor when traveling abroad. How freaking cute is this one?

17. Accessories Organizer Flowers

All those power cords can get annoying. Keep your power cords, SD cards, and other electronic accessories in this flower organizer.

18. Silicone Travel Bottles

The actual traveler will not travel with full-size shampoo bottles and other liquids. There’s no need when you can use these cute penguin silicone travel bottles. It will save you so much space in your luggage, and they’re also carry-on proof.

19. Travel Jewelry Bag

Keep your jewelry together in this unique little jewelry bag. It’s super handy, and you’re less likely to lose your rings and bracelets when keeping them in one place.

20. Mini Portable Speaker

20 cute travel accessories for women all under €25 gold mini portable speaker

The last one in this list with 20 cute travel accessories for women! Get the party started with this mini portable speaker! Sometimes, your phone’s sound doesn’t cut it, and this one comes in this luxury golden color!

20 cute travel accessories for women

Well, that rounds up the list of these fantastic 20 cute travel accessories for women! And the best thing? They’re all under €25! There is no need to spend much money on your travel gadgets if you know where to look.

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