Top 5 amazing Instagram café hotspots in Chiang Mai

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Everything for the gram! That’s what I say when I take photos in front of too many people, looking like a complete idiot. Before I travel, I also check Google for any cool Instagram hotspots not to miss! Having spent a week in Chiang Mai in the Nimman area, I can honestly say that Chiang Mai is very instagrammable! So, here it is—the top 5 Instagram café hotspots in Chiang Mai.

1. The Barisotel

This small cafe and hotel are absolutely Instagram worthy! If you’re all about a white theme or white, bright photos, this place is like Disneyland. The interior is white with all beautiful marble tables, and every corner is Instagram approved.

This café is visually and physically satisfying! Their coffees and juices are pretty and delicious! I really recommend trying their coconut juice with a delightful piece of pie. More ‘instagrammable’ then this will be hard to find.

Top 5 best instagram cafes in Chiang Mai

2. The Buristro

Not only is this place a great co-working space, but it’s also perfect for Instagram. The front of the hotel is ideal for photos, but the pool area is even better. The large black doors, the white walls, and the blue pool create a beautiful and timeless setting for your photos.

For 200 bath/ €5, you can use the co-working space, get a drink and use the swimming pool for the entire day. They also serve a pretty good lunch menu with all kinds of dishes. 

chiang mai instagram hotspot

The Buristro is the restaurant from the beautiful Buri Suri hotel. This hotel has an excellent location in the Nimman area in Chiang Mai. This beautiful boutique hotel not only has a great pool, but the rooms are also very beautifully styled.

I would say it’s a mix between modernity and romance. Staying at the Buri Suri Hotel will make your stay even better, and I highly recommend checking it out when staying in Chiang Mai.

3. Frosé Yoghurt Cafe

The Frosé Yoghurt Cafe has had a change in the interior since I was there in October 2018! Less pink, fewer flamingo’s but still cute, beautiful and instagrammable! Besides yoghurt, coffees and soda’s, they also have cocktails and food on the menu. It makes it an excellent spot for some afternoon cocktails!

Even the yoghurts and the drinks are suitable for Instagram. They are colourful, cute, pretty and delicious. There are picnic tables outside for you to relax with a lovely drink before shooting away.

chiang mai instagram hotspots

The interior works really well if you’re all into a pink or colourful Instagram feed. Besides all the pink, there are also flamingo’s, fluffy cushions and neon light signs. Refresh yourself on a hot day with some frozen yoghurt, a cool drink (my favourite is the mango coconut bubble) or a pink soda with a flamingo on top and shoot some awesome photos before you leave.

4. SS1254372 Cafe

This place is one of my favourite spots for breakfast or lunch. They have a delicious breakfast and lunch menu with smoothie bowls, sandwiches and yummy egg dishes! It’s tucked away between a lot of green, and sitting outside gives you the feeling of being somewhat in nature.

The cafe has an art gallery; therefore, the cafe is surrounded by paintings and sculptures. The combination of their rustic interior, the natural vibe and the art give this place a peaceful and unique feeling. This café is a little more expensive, but the vibe is amazing, the staff is friendly, the coffee is good, and the food is great!

chiang mai instagram hotspots

6. Tropi Hoola

Tropi Hoola is a tiny bubble tea bar that’s more like a hole in the wall. However, the outside of the bar is very pretty decorated. The swings outside make this tiny place an instagrammable hotspot in Chiang Mai. Besides bubble tea, they also have some cute desserts on their menu.

It’s a perfect spot to get your bubble tea fix and take some photos on the swing. The turquoise colours from the hut and the bar’s straw roof immediately give you a ‘surfy’ Hawaiian feeling.

This is my top 5 Instagram hotspots cafés in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Have you been in Chiang Mai and are there other places to check out? Leave me a comment below!

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