What to wear on a plane

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What is the best outfit to wear on a plane? And more importantly what not to wear! I have seen so many travel outfits passing by when working. And I have my own opinion as a frequent traveller on what I think is comfy and handy to wear. Let’s make something clear first. Obviously everyone should wear whatever they want. So again. You do you! With that being said. Let me show you my tips on what to wear when travelling by plane.

1. The temperature on board is very difficult to control. I’ve had so many times where I would get hot flashes while a passenger is asking for a blanket. The temperature is rarely good for everyone on board. The only solution to this is to wear layers. Wear a shirt with a vest or a cardigan over it. If it gets too warm, you can just take off your vest. Bring a scarf! Besides using it as a scarf, you can also use it as a blanket or folded as a pillow.

2. Mini skirts, mini shorts and skinny jeans are not comfortable on board. Tight clothing or really short clothing is so not comfortable when flying and sitting for so many hours. Instead wear something like a legging, joggers, harem pants or boyfriend jeans. If it’s hot where you’re going. Choose a fabric that is light. Oh and ladies, when one is wearing a legging don’t forget to cover your butt! 😉

3. High heels look fabulous and we all want to be like Sarah Jessica Parker. But we have to be real. We’re not 🙁 Instead of heels, wear comfortable shoes like flats or sneakers. Your feet will also thank you when you have to walk big distances from one terminal to the other. Or when you’re late and have to make a run for it. Running on heels? Uhu, no thank you.

When on board, please don’t go bare feet. You’ll never know what’s on the aircraft floor. That might not be water on the lavatory floor! 😉 Things don’t get cleaned thoroughly every single day. Bring a pair of fluffy socks to wear during the flight to keep your feet warm.

I’ve created an outfit of something I would wear when flying as a passenger.

Hope you like it!
travdel outfit

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These are my personal tips on what to wear when flying. Let me know what you think in the comments below.





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