Sigma Skincare Brush Set Review

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Today on the 5th of June, Sigma launched their brand new Skincare Brush Set! This brush set is specially designed for all your different skincare products. Sigma send me this set to try out! When I received the Sigma Skincare Brush I was a bit skeptical. Why would you use a brush for all your skincare products? If you’re curious about these brushes then continue reading!

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The biggest pro for me is hygiene! If you’re a makeup artist or a beauty therapist a skincare brush set is a must-have. Using brushes instead of your fingers will extend the life of skincare products and using different brushes for different products will also reduce the risk of product contamination. The brushes are also super soft on the skin. I always need to remind myself to tap my eye cream into my skin. However, when I’m lazy or in a hurry, rubbing is a lot faster 🙄 Using a brush makes it impossible to pull or tug the delicate skin underneath my eyes.

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The brushes I particularly liked were the ones to use for mud or clay face masks. We all know how dirty and messy this can get. The spatula is perfect to scoop your product out of the jar and smear it on your face. I didn’t need to use my fingers which meant that no product got stuck underneath my nails! Big plus!

The brush set looks really gorgeous. The handles are transparent and look like they’re made from glass. Therefore it was really difficult to take a proper pic!

What do you think about these brushes?

You can this set from their website starting today! Click here.







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