Sigma Skincare Brush Set Review | Why you need skincare brushes

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Skincare brushes? Not something you would think of as essential? Sigma Beauty is the first cosmetic brand to release a skincare brush set. This brush set is especially designed for applying skincare products. I was lucky to receive this set from Sigma Beauty to try out! If you’re curious about why you need skincare brushes in your life, then read this Sigma Skincare Brush Set review!

sigma skincare brush set review

What’s in the Sigma skincare brush set?

With this set, you get six brushes for applying skincare products. The brushes are cruelty-free and latex-free. 

  • Clay/Mud Mask Brush 
  • Serum Brush 
  • Moisturiser Brush
  • Gel Mask Brush
  • Eye Cream Brush
  • Spatula Brush

Just like your regular makeup brushes you’ll need to wash and sanitise these brushes too. This skincare set is effortless to clean, the handles are made of silicone, and the bristles are made of synthetic fibre.

Why do you need skincare brushes?

The biggest reason to use skincare brushes to me is hygiene. Many beauty products are sold in jars. We use our fingers to scoop the product out. Every time you put your fingers in the pot, you have the risk of getting unwanted bacteria in the jar. Using brushes instead of your fingers will help preserve the shelf life of your products. Using skincare brushes for different products will also reduce the risk of product contamination. Getting product or bacteria mixed in your skincare products is a lot difficult now.

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Applying skincare products with a brush is also much easier on the skin. I always need to remind myself to tap my eye cream into my skin. Using a skincare brush makes it impossible to pull or tug the skin. Especially the skin under your eyes is thin and delicate. The eye cream brush is ideal for patting the product into the skin.

Using a brush to apply your skincare products, will also help distribute your favourite products evenly over your face. In the beauty industry, we always consider our fingers to be our best tool. For some cases, this is absolutely true. However, I’ve noticed how good it feels to apply products on my face with a brush. The result is smooth, and the application is much more gentle.

sigma skincare brush set review

Dedicating different brushes to different products also means that you don’t need to wash your hand in between them. Your hands and fingers remain clean. As lazy as I am, once I’m sitting at my vanity desk, I really don’t want to get up to wash my hands😉.

Sigma skincare brush set review

The brushes I particularly liked were the ones to use for mud or clay face masks. We all know how dirty and messy this can get. The spatula is perfect for scooping your product out of the jar and distributing it evenly on your face. I didn’t need to use my fingers which meant that no product got stuck underneath my nails.

This skincare brush set looks beautiful, and the brushes feel soft on my face. The handles are transparent, making them look like they’re made from glass. Sigma Beauty is known for its fantastic quality makeup brushes.

Are you already using brushes for your skincare? If you’re getting this set after reading this Sigma Skincare Brush Set review, leave me a comment with your thoughts!

sigma beauty skincare brush set review
sigma beauty skincare brush set review

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