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Hello dolls!

I finally found the time to write my review on the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks I bought. Last month I bought a lipstick bundle and a lip gloss bundle online at Gerard Cosmetics with a huge discount of 45 percent. Yay! The bundle I got was a pack of four lipsticks. You can actually pick your own favourite shades and get them in a bundle for a cheaper price than buying them seperately.

There are so many beautiful shades to choose from, it was quite hard to pick my favorites. It’s so hard to pick shades online from a brand you don’t know.  But Gerard Cosmetics is everywhere on Instagram and YouTube and after seeing many vlogs and swatch pictures. I got the following lipsticks:

Cherry Cordial, Underground, Nude and 1995.

Cherry Cordial is a deep dark red cherry shade. The perfect color for fall and winter. But why wouldn’t you wear this shade in summer? The color is really intense and a true eye catcher. It gives the face a mysterious vampy look which I love!

Underground is a gorgeous cool toned slightly grayish shade, with a hint of purple. It’s such an outstanding color. I love it and I also like to combine it with other shades. The cool toned lip color is quite a trend right now. It might be a little too grayish for my skintone though.

The shade Nude is unfortunately too light for me. It looked so good on those beauty guru’s on Youtube! But I knew it would be a risk considering I have a tan skintone. I could stilll wear this but paired with a darker lip liner and some gloss to give it more dimension.

1995 is the famous shade created in collaboration with YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. It’s inspired by the 90’s and it’s a brown brick color. This shade is my favourite and I think this will suit every skintone. I like that it’s bolder than a nude lip but still not too much. 
All lipsticks are really matte and not moisturizing. My lips are very dry and I need chap stick every single day. When I’m using a lipstick I really like something that is a bit moisturizing or something that has a creamy texture. There is also a noticeable difference in texture between the lipsticks. The shade ‘nude’ was too dry for me and felt chalky. I didn’t like the feeling on my lips and would only wear it with a gloss. The other shades are matte too but not as dry luckily. I do wish the formula would be creamier.

Another thing I don’t like is the smell of the lipsticks. It’s the same with my Rimmel lipstick in Heather Shimmer. Love the color, don’t like the taste and smell.

What is the final verdict? These lipsticks sold separately are $19 each. A Mac Cosmetics lipsticks sells for approximately $20. So yeah, this doesn’t need an explanation right? I would choose a Mac Cosmetics lipstick over the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. If you buy them in a bundle they’re a lot cheaper and lots of beauty vloggers have discount codes as well.

My lips are very dry  and I need to apply a moisturizing chapstick underneath or a gloss over it. It’s too bad really because I really like some of the shades, especially 1995.

Have you tried any Gerard Cosmetics products? What do you think of them? Leave me a comment below!



  1. I’m so glad I found your blog!! You are such an inspiration!! I’m following you now hope the competition airs soon! Mac products will generate many followers for sure! Be sure to pop over to my blog and say hi sometime x anythingbutmarzipan.com xx

    1. Thanks so much! You’re very sweet 🙂 Love your blog too! Yes Mac products are always good 😉 Would be nice to give away something different. But if everybody’s wants Mac it will be Mac 🙂 Have a great week! X ps. I don’t like marzipan too!!! 😉

  2. I completely agree about their lipsticks girl. I’m in the same boat with the dry skin and dry lips. I bought one a few months ago for $12 and I’m so glad I only bought one and it was at a discounted price. Wayyyyy to matte and dry for me to use so you’re not the only one who feels this way!

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