How to get around in Turunc and Dalyan, Turkey

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Usually, I’m not the type of girl to book an organised holiday in an all-inclusive resort. I literally cringe when typing the word 😀 But that year I made an exception. Everybody who has been to Turkey will know it’s hard not to stay in an all-inclusive resort. Even though I decided to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, that didn’t mean I would give up all my principles. I decided to book ten days in this all-inclusive resort in Turunc and then end up five more days by ourselves in Dalyan.


Turunc is a small village at the coast near the Aegean Sea. Close to major tourist cities like Marmaris and Icmeler. The hotel I stayed in was the central hotel in town “Otel Turunc”. It is situated on a private beach in a beautiful bay. The staff was friendly, the food was excellent, and the entertainment was good. Just perfect for a week away. The centre is small and cosy with only a few restaurants, bars and terraces. From the harbour in Turunc you can get a taxi boat to Icmeler and Marmaris if you’d like to visit all the crowded places. I think it’s about 15 lira return ticket per person.

How to get around in Turunc and Dalyan, Turkey.
how to get around in turuc and dalyan, turkey

Tip! When you’re hungry for a snack or a light meal, go to town and visit Izmir Kumru. They sell amazing sandwiches with different kinds of meat on it. It’s a small place with a couple of tables outside. They also sell ‘midye’ (stuffed mussels). It was my first time eating them, and they are so good. They are loaded with rice, served on a plate (you pay per mussel), and you put some fresh lemon juice on them. Absolutely lovely!


After a week we left Turunc to go to Dalyan. Dalyan is also a small town almost straight across the sea from Turunc. I found out that going by bus or car would take us more time than going by boat. In the harbour, there are many places where you can book a group excursion to Dalyan. I decided it was easier booking this excursion and end up staying in Dalyan.

This group excursion took us to a natural mud bath and then through the rivers to Iztutu beach. Iztutu beach is also called turtle beach. It is actually a beach where sea turtles lay their eggs. Therefore the beach is only open between certain hours. There is also no sewer system on the beach. In the restrooms, everything is done with saltwater. So don’t fill up your water bottle. You’ll be disappointed 😉 There is also a turtle rescue place, where you can visit the turtles who are sick of have been hurt by the nets by fisher boats. The entrance is free.

turunc and dalyan, turkey

Dalyan is a beautiful cute town, and there are many places to eat. I booked a simple apartment through Booking.com, which was incredibly cheap. The apartment had one bedroom, a small kitchen and everything you really need. The location was perfect, and the owner was helpful and friendly.

After some hesitation from me, I agreed to rent a quad. It is so easy to go for a drive here, and there are so many beautiful remote beaches. Just follow the main road across the small lake “Sulungur Golu”. If you’re going through the mountains, bring a Turkish translation book with you. In case you need to ask for the way home. You can even take the quad from Dalyan to Iztutu beach, which is around 30 minutes away. You can also go up and follow the main road around the big lake “Koycegiz Golu”. Take a map with you and drive up to Yuvarlakcay, a stream up in the mountains with some cool restaurants nearby.

Tip! Have a shortstop for a quick lunch or a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, absolutely delicious and very healthy. You can also buy pomegranate jam and other pomegranate products. I love this restaurant and highly recommend it. Check out their website on www.nardanesi.com. Unfortunately all in Turkish 😉

Tip! There is another restaurant on that same road. It’s located by the river, and you get to feed little turtles. I really loved the food and the surrounding of the restaurant. Check out their website on www.golbasi.com (in English as well!). If you’re not sure what to order from the big menu, the “kuzu guvec” and the “sac kavurma” are very tasty.

3. Another lovely restaurant is up in the mountains near Yuvarlakcay, is www.yuvarlakcayyesilvadi.com. The surrounding is absolutely stunning! I was so impressed when I was here. You can even have a swim in the freezing cold water coming from the mountains. I dare you 😉

What is your favourite place in Turkey? Let me know in the comments below!

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