How to contour & highlight with Contour Cosmetics

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How to contour your face has taken over the makeup world for a couple of years now. Was it Kim K. who started the hype of contouring? I think so. We all know that beauty trends come and go. But it seems to me that contouring is still as alive as ever. To my suprise actually.

Personally I am not really a contouring kind a gal. Yes, I contour my face when I create looks for Instagram. I just looks so much more defined and people seem to like it. But contouring on a daily basis? Ugh… No, not for me. It just takes a lot of time and I prefer to look as natural as possible in person. I don’t want to walk around with ‘lines’ on my face, just to create the illusion of a more defined face. But that’s me.

A week ago I did a Instagram tut where I contoured my face with a cream contour palette from Contour Cosmetics. To my surprise this video did really well and is now my most viewed post. This post has now gone over 6500 views!😳 I was shocked that this video became so popular. Contouring has been here for a while now. Is it that people are still trying to figure out how to contour their own face or do they just love to watch the transformation?

Check out the video!

Products used all by Contour Cosmetics. You check out their Instagram here! They send me a couple of products to try out. The ones I  liked I used in my video.

Contour Cream set 2
Contour Rocks
Spotlight Illuminating Highlighter palette
All Day Setting spray
Lip contour Kit Ju Ju

Are you a contour kind a gal? Let me know in the comments below!


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