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Good morning loves!

Last week I have been working on makeup for two clients. I really like how the makeup and pictures came out! It’s funny to see when clients actually realize how different makeup can look in real life and on camera when taking photo’s. The bright lights can make the makeup look a little washed out, while in real life it looks really good. I think these looks would be good if you’re going for a little more bridal glam than the normal soft bridal looks.

For my first client of the day, the beautiful Monica, I went for a soft brown glam. Also perfect for daytime if you’re going for a little bit more of an oomph 😄. The browns and oranges I used made her blue eyes pop even more!

Foto 12-06-18 12 30 00Foto 12-06-18 12 30 35

My second client of the day was the beautiful Romy. She never had her makeup done by someone else and was super excited. She told me she always struggled with doing a winged liner. However her eyes are hooded and this gets emphasized whenever she laughs. I personally would do a line without the wing for her eyes. Her lips are already gorgeous and full. I kept them natural to focus on her eyes.

Foto 12-06-18 12 33 14Foto 12-06-18 12 33 52

It was a fun day with these beautiful ladies! Tell me in the comments below if you likes these looks.





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