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Life of a flight attendant 5

Hello loves! Is everybody enjoying their weekend? Before I jump in I just want to make a quick reminder on my MAC Give Away, which will end tomorrow September 13 6pm (GMT)! If you haven’t already check it out! A new post this week with news from the flight attendant world! My roster has been so extremely busy the past couple of weeks, it was getting a little bit annoying 😉 Many flights each day and also less time at our destinations. Sometimes there was hardly any time to do anything but go out for a quick dinner. Summer is almost officially over which means our rosters usually gets a little less busy. Good news is that I have another day over in Prague in two weeks. Without even requesting it! Those moments are very rare, so I’m very happy with that. I’m taking a friend on this trip again. Hopefully the weather will still be good. Advertisements

Life of a Flight Attendant 4

Hello my friends! Hope everyone is having a great day. Another ‘Life of a Flight Attendant’ post to keep you all updated on my life on the job. I just read in the newspaper that last weekend my airline welcomed a record number of passengers on board. On Juli 19th a total of 93,048 passengers flew with us, connecting Amsterdam and 139 destinations worldwide; this is a new 24-hour record! Quite impressive 🙂 Speaking of records. I haven’t told you yet that my airline has been elected ‘The regional airline of the year 2015’. Very proud of this accomplishment and proud of all my colleagues!

Tips for waking up before the crack of dawn

I’m not a morning person. But being a flight attendant, I don’t really have a choice. Often my alarm goes off at 04.00 in the morning (to me this is the middle of the night but okay). I found out that there are some things you can do to make life a little bit easier and bearable in the morning. But I’ll be honest. Getting up this early with this job is something you’ll never get accustomed to. Don’t worry. You’re not alone 😉

Life of a flight attendant 2

Hi guys! It’s Tuesday again, so that means a new travel blog post. Last week I have been on standby. Unfortunately I didn’t get called out to do a very exciting night stop. So for this weeks post I will go further back into my trips. Still plenty excited things I haven’t shared with you yet. I was suppose to be in Bilbao, Spain today. Lucky me I got a terrible cold over the weekend. On my way to Norway yesterday my ears were hurting so much I had to go home sick. Boohoo! I was so excited to go to Spain. Hopefully I will get another chance soon!

Life of a flight attendant 1

Being a flight attendant I travel through Europe a lot! I usually have at least half a day on a destination. Of course we still go out to explore the city, be a tourist, have a drink and a bite to eat. Even when I’ve been to a city before there is always something new to discover. Weather it is a nice restaurant to eat or a beautiful park to sit and relax. I want to wrap all these little travel details together for you in a short post every now and then. 

It’s recurrent time – 1 year later

Say what? Yes. Recurrent. All my fellow cabin crew will understand. Recurrent is a mandatory training and exams we have to pass again every year. Just to keep all flight safety updated and in our minds. For me it’s a full two day training which I have to prepare for in advance. So these couple of weeks I am hitting the books again. Going over all flight safety procedures you have to know being a flight attendant. 

How I (try to) stay healthy on board

Hi guys! Working as a flight attendant can have an impact on your health. The cabin is pressurized, the air is dry, the descent can affect your ears and your much vulnerable to viruses. When I just started working as a flight attendant I had no clue on how to stay healthy on board. I think I did find a good balance in the past couple of months how to stay healthy. I remember my first weeks of flying so well. I got a bit nauseous at the end of the day. The same feeling as getting sick when you’re on a boat. And when you’re back on solid ground, you still have the feeling that you’re moving. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to suck it up and let your body get used to it. It took me about two weeks.