How to travel Singapore on a budget

how to travel in singapore on a budget

Singapore is one of the expensive cities in the world. But should you let that stop you? Do not expect gin tonic Thailand style buckets for €10, just because it’s Asia. In Singapore, we must step up our game. If you know where to go, you can definitely travel Singapore on a budget. Lucky for you I have already done […]

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The top 18 best free things to do in Singapore

The top 18 best free things to do in Singapore that won’t cost you a single dollar! Singapore is widely known for two things. Its fantastic multicultural food scene and its expensive budget compared to other Asian countries. But there are loads of options to keep your expenses in check! Having been to Singapore quite a few times, I found […]

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The best gifts for flight attendants|gift guide

the best gifts for flight attendants

The list with the best gifts for flight attendants will probably have fantastic things from all over the world. Eeehmmm, not quite, but I get your point. What do you buy for someone who frequently travels the world? I’ve got you. Speaking from my own personal experience and seeing what colleagues use, I created this gift guide. Check out the […]

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Top 10 delicious foods you must eat in Paris

10 foods you must try in Paris

What do you think of when you think of Paris? The Eiffel Tower? The Notre Dame? Instagrammable streets? I do too. But mostly Paris is food. Pain au chocolat here, planche mixed there. I could ‘eat’ on. The four kilo’s I gained are from eating a little too much in Paris. Silver lining. It made me worthy of writing this […]

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