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Thoughts | Advice I would give to my younger self

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I did a ‘thought’s’ post. My latest post in this category is about turning 31. If you would like to read it, click here! I’ve been wanting to write a post about this topic for a while now. Mainly because I have been thinking a lot about the past, the future and life in general. If I could give my past self some advice, these are the things I would say. Advertisements

Thoughts – Turning 31

Hello loves! First of all I would like to wish everyone an awesome weekend. Lucky me. I am having weekend with the rest of the world this time too. A week ago on the 20th of February I turned 31. I have been thinking about this number and I would like to share my feelings with you. A year ago when I turned 30, it was a special moment for me. I mean. The big 3-0. That’s something right? I left my twenties and now I am officially in my thirties. If I go back 10 years. I would have pictured my life completely different at 30 then it is today. I always thought that when I was 30 I would be married and maybe already have a baby. Well. I turned 31 and no marriage, no boyfriend and definitely no baby.

Thoughts – How to deal with a break up?

Hello loves! Today is going to be my first post in the genre of ‘thoughts’. Things in life you might not know how to handle them. Things you would write down in a diary or talk about with your best friends. We all experience our ups and downs in life. And although these things can be very personal and you might want to keep it to yourself. I thought why not share our experiences?