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Over-the-knee boots

Hi loves! I have been seeing these over the knee boots everywhere! In magazines, online and in stores. Is this going to be the trend for fall/winter 2015? Personally I love to wear boots when it gets colder. I don’t think I wear anything else besides boots actually. For me it has always been a struggle to find boots that fit. I have quite large feet for my height, but very slim calves. Most of the time boots don’t fit properly because the shaft is too big for my calves. I once bought very expensive boots where the shaft was tailor made to fit my calves. These over the knee boots look amazing. However I never bought a pair because I always found it difficult to style them. How can you wear them and still look classy? I’ve seen a lot of picture lately on how to style the over the knee boots. And I think I’m finally ready to buy my first pair and rock this look this winter! Keep on reading if you want …

Shades for summer

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great week! Today I’m back with another collage post and this time it’s all about sunglasses! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are! 🙂 In one of my last posts I’ve said I’m still not done with summer yet although it’s almost september. So I’ve paired up a couple of shades I love. I always struggle with sunglasses because I don’t find many of them suitable for my face. Usually I pick one with big glasses and a black frame. However I do like all the colored shades. They’re perfect for summer. Don’t forget to check out my previous post! My MAC give away for reaching 150 followers on my blog! 🙂 Click here. Keep on reading if you would like to know all product details 🙂

Palm Tree Prints Trend

Hi loves! I am a fierce online shopper and while checking my favorite web shops I spotted some funny print trends. I’ve seen a lot of pineapples, flamingo’s and palm trees. It’s everywhere! If I had to chose I’d go with the palm trees. Just to give me that extra summer feeling. I’ve created this collage with all kinds of stuff with palm trees on it. What do you think?

Sneakers Faves

Hi loves! A new collage inspo post today! I love making these! Around this time of the year sneakers are perfect to wear. The weather is too good to wear boots but still a bit too cold to wear open toes. I think that sneakers are so comfortable to wear and you can pair them with everything! I love the fact that sneakers give a more sportive look to my outfit. I’ve paired a bunch of sneakers together I came across. I love them all. But my absolute favorite are the Adidas Supercolors. I need them in white, blue and red 😉 But unfortunately they are sold out everywhere in here in the Netherlands.

Killer high heels to die for

Hi guys! This is one of those post that afterwards I wish I had an enormous bank account. Summer is almost here. Time to get those killer heels and peep toes out of the closet. You are so lucky if you’re that gal who lives somewhere where you can wear high heels the whole year around. During winter time I have most of my high heels in the back of my closet. It’s just too freaking cold to wear them. I do wear pumps when clubbing or other special events. It would be so great to wear summer clothing and open shoes all year long. I guess I’ll have to move to LA then 😉

Summer wardrobe basics

Hurray! Summer is just around the corner. The weather has been improving in the past couple of weeks. We even had our first ‘terrasjes weer dag’ here in my hometown. Which basically means all bars and restaurants have their tables outside because it’s warm enough. And then you’ll just sit down, relax, have a drink and chat with friends. There isn’t really a good english translation for this word. It’s just a perfect day to catch some sun and catch up with your friends. With summer peeking around the corner I started to clean out my closet. Packing up all my winter clothing and adding my summer wardrobe. There are a couple of items every girl needs in her spring/summer wardrobe. Some basics that are easy to mix and match with so many other items. Looking at my collage of summer basics I noticed it looks quite black and white. But these items are my basics. So I will switch these up with other colors to give a summer feeling to it.

Cool text tees

Hi loves! Browsing through my favorite web shops I came across these cool tees. My casual style is easy, simple and classy. These tees are easy to wear with skirts, pants or jeans (my favorite). Combined with a blazer or jacket and styled up with some nice accessories. I really like the text on these tees. And if you want to make a statement, why not do so with you tee right?