Blue Eyes Glam Makeup

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Last week I have been working trying makeup on two friends. These beautiful women both have blue eyes. Therefore I decided to create a blue eyes glam look. Working with colours like orange, brown and bronze really makes blue eyes pop. I think these looks would be great if you’re going for a full-on glam makeup look for an evening out or a party. So here is it! A blue eyes glam makeup look for these ladies.

For the beautiful Monica, I went for a soft orange-brown glam look. The false lashes make the look very dramatic. For daytime, I suggest using a less dramatic lash to get a softer look.

Key products used:

makeup breda visagieblue eyes glam makeup

The beautiful Romy never had her makeup done by someone else. She was super excited. She told me she always struggled with doing a winged liner and would like one for today. However, not all eyes are suitable for a winged liner. If eyes are very hooded it will be difficult to create a good wing. It’s not impossible to create a winged liner for hooded eyes, but it really depends on eye shape too. Romy’s eyes are hooded on the outside and she doesn’t have a lot of eyelid space. But for today we did a winged liner, as you can tell it takes up almost all the space on her eyelids.

Key products use:

blue eyes glam makeup

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