How to do your makeup when your sick

Hi ladies!

It’s the time of the year where everybody seems to be a little sickish 🙁 It has been so cold lately here in the Netherlands. I seem to have a cold for the past weeks. Ugh, I can’t wait untill spring is finally here!

I did this video on how to get a flawless and fresh face when you’re sickish. My nose has been a little red for weeks from all the tissues, I have dark circles around my eyes, suddenly some red spots on my face and my overall complexion looks dull.

However, I do feel a lot better. So, what to do when you’re ready to go out but need a little help to look flawless and fresh?
First of all I’ve used some color correcting to clean up my face. Green for all the red spots and the parts around my nose. Peach (or orange or yellow) for the dark circles around my eyes. This will even out my skin a lot better when applying foundation.

To brighten up the dullness in my face I used a bronzer, blush and a little bit of highlighter. Blush is a must have for me! Blush gives my face the appearance of looking healthy and fresh. I usually go for a soft peach blush that blends in perfectly with my skin tone.

Hope you enjoy my video!

Products used:
Mac Cosmetics: Fix Fluid NC43, Highlighter Global Glow, Lippencil Soar, Lipstick Mehr.
Milani: Foundation #7
Contour Cosmetics: Bronzing Rocks
Catrice Cosmetics: green concealer
La Girl Cosmetics: concealer peach corrector
L’oreal: True Match blush in Peach

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