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Review | Make Up For Ever – Pro Bronze Fusion

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A  month ago I was in Luxembourg. I gladly took this occasion to visit Sephora which is located right behind the hotel we are staying in. So dangerous to have a  Sephora that close to your hotel 😉 I picked up a couple of high end products which I will all be reviewing the upcoming weeks. One of them I was dying to get my hands on and I finally did. One hint…it’s smoky 😉

The only product I ever bought from MUFE is a very pretty pink nude lipstick. I still have it and I still use it every now and then. The Pro Bronze Fusion by Make Up For Ever is a whole new product for me. This bronzer has been all over You Tube and Instagram. Is this product really worth the hype and the splurge? Time to see what all the fuss is about!

Keep on reading if you would like to know all product details and the final verdict!

I love using bronzers, although I don’t use them every single day. I have an olive skin tone, so I don’t really need it to give my face a tan. I do use a bronzer after applying foundation. By using a bronzer I’m adding warmth to my face to get that healthy radiant looking hue.

I got the MUFE Pro Bronze Fusion in the shade 30M Natural Matte Sienna. There are six shades. Two shades per skin tone. The skin tone types are divided in light, medium and tan. Mine belongs to the tan ones. I picked this one up for €35,00 which is indeed quite a splurge.

The promise

Get your summer glow all year long. No trace, no powdery finish, only mistake-proof color. This breakthrough formula glides on easily for an extremely natural tan. The lightweight, buildable coverage and effortless blendability give a luminous bronze finish that is so easy to apply it never looks powdery or unnatural. You don’t see makeup, you only see skin that looks healthy and glowing. The waterproof bronzer is perfect for day and night. 

The first thing I notice when opening the compact is that this formula indeed doesn’t look like a powder at all. The formula feels soft, smooth and a little bit gel like. It looks and feels strange. When trying to get a swatch with my finger just a tiny little bit of product comes off. It looked like the color pay off was minimum, thinking I would have to cake it on to see it. My first impression wasn’t not good.

It was only until I tried it on my face when I actually understood what the product is all about! On the back of the compact is says: “Undetectable compact bronzer ultra natural & waterproof.”  This bronzer is meant to give a natural sheer look.  The product doesn’t look powdery and therefore not cakey at all. It gives a subtle bronzed look which I absolutely love! It’s almost impossible to use too much with this product. The overall look is a beautiful warm sun kissed bronzed face which still looks completely natural and luminous.

The product applies very lightly but is still buildable if you want a slightly heavier look. I had the feeling that it also stays on quite good and it’s also waterproof. I haven’t tested it in water.  The compact also has a mirror inside. MUFE recommends using their 136 Pro Bronze Kabuki Brush to use with this bronzer. This brush is sold separately and costs €30,00. I didn’t get this brush, instead I’m using a powder brush to apply. It also says to use a figure “8” motion, going against the grooves of the product, for an optimal product pick up.

The final verdict

Absolutely yes! I love this product. I love the way it looks. It gives a bronzed look without looking powdery. My skin looks warm, luminous yet still natural. I really recommend this product and would definitely buy it again. I really feel that this bronzer could make such a difference in winter time when my skin is lighter and a little dull looking.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried this product? What do you think? Leave me a comment below!

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