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Over-the-knee boots

Hi loves!

I have been seeing these over the knee boots everywhere! In magazines, online and in stores. Is this going to be the trend for fall/winter 2015? Personally I love to wear boots when it gets colder. I don’t think I wear anything else besides boots actually. For me it has always been a struggle to find boots that fit. I have quite large feet for my height, but very slim calves. Most of the time boots don’t fit properly because the shaft is too big for my calves. I once bought very expensive boots where the shaft was tailor made to fit my calves.

These over the knee boots look amazing. However I never bought a pair because I always found it difficult to style them. How can you wear them and still look classy? I’ve seen a lot of picture lately on how to style the over the knee boots. And I think I’m finally ready to buy my first pair and rock this look this winter!

Keep on reading if you want to see the product details and some style inspiration!


My favorite way to style them would be with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a short jacket on top. To me it gives the look a more edgy but still classy feeling. I think I would only wear them with a skirt or dress if the boots are flat. Otherwise it might be a little bit too secy for me 😉 What do you think?

The ones above are the ones I came across online and really liked. Almost all of them with a heel. I’m not that tall so I need heels to look taller. I’m sorry 😉 The Invito ones are so gorgeous. I love the color. It’s a true fall color to me. It’s my favorite of all of them!

Here are some pictures I found that inspired me on how to wear them. Seeing these pictures makes me want them even more now. Hope you enjoy them!

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Would you wear these boots and how would you wear them? Any favorites from the ones above? Leave me a comment below!

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Love, Sarah

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