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Hello loves!

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A new post this week with news from the flight attendant world! My roster has been so extremely busy the past couple of weeks, it was getting a little bit annoying 😉 Many flights each day and also less time at our destinations. Sometimes there was hardly any time to do anything but go out for a quick dinner. Summer is almost officially over which means our rosters usually gets a little less busy. Good news is that I have another day over in Prague in two weeks. Without even requesting it! Those moments are very rare, so I’m very happy with that. I’m taking a friend on this trip again. Hopefully the weather will still be good.

Last month there were some days where the weather was so bad flights were affected by it. I remember driving to Schiphol in a storm, it was so scary on the road. We all understand that it’s never convenient when your flight is delayed for whatever reason. But sometimes things are out of our hands. We all want to return home safely. Delaying or cancelling a flight due to bad weather happens for a reason.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Goteburg in Sweden. I really like this city from what I’ve seen so far. It has been a while since I’ve been there. The first time I was in Goteburg was last summer. There was a Gay Pride going on in the city. During my nightstop we went for dinner is this cool Thai restaurant. The food was really good and not that expensive for Sweden. Inside the place it’s so busy! Different lights, stuffed animals, fake flowers, colorful lamps and flags. There are also tuk tuk’s turned into little tables. So you can actually have dinner in a tuk tuk. The staff was also very friendly and the food was great. The place was called Moon Thai Kitchen.


Last week I was in Alesund in Norway. The hotel we are staying in hosted a dinner for their frequent guests. We as crew were the lucky ones to stay in the hotel that day, so we were invited. For dinner there was fresh crab caught that same day. I hadn’t hadn’t crab for ages. So I was quite curious and really wanted to try it out. It was quite a struggle to properly eat crab! Be aware. This will get messy! I only tried the claws and that was difficult enough without a proper cracker. We used the back of a small spoon to crack it open, which just didn’t work out for me. I only ended up bending the spoon like Uri Geller. Luckily I had some help from my colleagues 😉 Once I got to the meat it was indeed very tasty!


Enjoy this funny video of me struggling! Thanks to my sweet colleague for making the video! 

Dinner was great and we met some nice folks! Unfortunately for me, I found out that night that I’m allergic to crab 😦 Yep. In the middle of the night I woke up with a slightly swollen face and my throat was a bit closed. Luckily it wasn’t that severe otherwise I would have noticed it a lot sooner. During the day all the symptoms went away and the day after that I was back with my normal face 😉 No crab for me after this adventure!

With the weather being so bad it was quite nice to have a night stop in Toulouse in the South of France. We had a great stop arriving at out hotel around noon. We decided to get some wine, get something to nibble on and enjoy the sun at the park next to our hotel. In my last Life of a Flight Attendant post I told you about this great Lebanese place called El Dayaa. Well. We went there again 🙂


This was about it for my little adventures. I hope you enjoy reading about my life as a flight attendant!

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Until next time.

Love, Sarah

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time this month! Especially Toulouse sounds like an amazing destination for great weather, even just for a day!

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  2. I did! South of France is always nice to have on my roster 🙂 Next week I’ll be in Nice. It’s nice to escape the rainy weather here in Holland 😉


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