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Review | L’orèal Infallible – Foundation, Lipstick and Eye Shadow

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! I just came home from a sushi lunch so my day is already great! 🙂 Today a new drugstore products review. I picked up two new foundations and some lipsticks from L’oreal a while ago. All from the Infallible collection. The eye shadows are oldies but goodies! Since they are from the Infallible collection as well I might join them all together in this review.

The reason I am trying out new foundations is because my skin type has changed. My skin used to be very dry with a normal t-zone. My go to foundation has been the L’oreal True Match for years. The True Match foundations has a great range of colors, one that finally matched my skin tone. Which was a huge milestone when it comes to drugstore foundations for darker skin tones. Since my skin type nowadays is normal, the True Match is getting a little oily for me. Reason enough to try out some other stuff!

Keep on reading if you want to know all product details and the final verdict.

Infallible 24H Stay Fresh foundation €17.50

This foundation promises 24 hours just applied finish and a flawless complexion. It’s enriched with hydrating hyaluron and extreme hold pigments for optimum comfort. The coverage of this foundation to me is the same as the True Match. The texture is thicker than the True Match but still as creamy and blends in nicely. I like to apply my foundation with my fingers of with my Real Techniques stippling brush. After applying it feels like the foundation sticks much better to my skin. It’s really being absorbed into my skin. My face is also less oily at the end of the day and it does stay on longer than the True Match foundation. I use this foundation on a daily basis now and I’m really loving it. There is a little spf of 18 in this foundation which is a plus. I got this foundation on sale for €10.

Infallible 24H Pro Matte foundation €15.99

The 24H matte foundation is to achieve a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours. It’s lightweight and creamy, hiding imperfections for a smooth and clear complexion. The texture of this foundation is thick, creamy and it has a full coverage. I do notice that this foundation is indeed more mattifying than the previous one. I’ve used this foundation when I’m going out and I know it’s going to be warm. I think this foundation is less likely to melt of your face. This foundation really prevents my skin from getting oily or sweaty. The color I picked up is 32 Amber. There is no spf in this foundation and I got it on sale for €10.00. I like this foundation as well, but not a daily basis. If your skin is oily this foundation would be perfect for you.

Infallible Pro Last Color Lipstick €16.99

I got my first Infallible lipstick a while ago and I was loving it so much that I got a couple of more shades when they were on sale. I own them in Red, Violet Parfait, Invincible Sable, Orange Extreme and Toujours Teaberry. Yep. I was sold! These lipsticks lasts all day, doesn’t smudge and stays on forever! Yes, really forever. You can’t take this of without a good makeup cleanser with an oil in it.

These lipsticks promises up to 24 hours of long lasting colors with 24 hours of comfort. Always make sure your lips are scrubbed, smooth and dry before using these lipsticks. I always scrub my lips with a warm damp towel and then I apply some lip balm to moisturize. I do my face first and before applying the lipstick I wipe the lip balm off. My lips are completely clean with no other products on. I then apply the first step which is the color. This is comparable to a lip stain which you really have to paint on. Let it dry and then I apply the second step on top which is the balm. The balm gives you a soft, smooth feeling and it intensifies the color. I re-apply the second step a couple of times a day to keep my lips moisturized.

Here are the swatches on the inside of my arm. Picture taken with flash and not edited. From left to right: Invincible Sable, Orange Extreme, Red, Violet Parfait and Toujours Teaberry. I applied only the color without the balm.


Infallible Color Eye Shadows

These eye shadows are so pigmented! I like to apply a base first so that the eye shadows will last better and stick better. For me this also prevents fall out. I like to use my NYX cosmetics Jumbo Pencil in Milk or Black Bean as a base. I own these eye shadows in the shades Endless Chocolate and Purple Obsession. The texture is soft and creamy and applies very well when using my fingers instead of a brush. This products promises to be waterproof and long lasting up till 24 hours. There are already so many positive reviews on these eye shadows. A must have drugstore product!

The final verdict

These are all the products I use from the L’oreal Infallible collection. I think that 24 hours is really a long time. These products are definitely long lasting, just not for 24 hours straight. Are there products that last 24 hours?! I doubt that! If the Infallible foundation would be available in exactly the same color as the True Match in W7 and W8, this would definitely replace the True Match. During winter time when my skin is drier, I think I would prefer the True Match over the Infallible. Although it doesn’t have the same staying power as the Infallible. But during winter time my skin is less oily anyway and does need a little extra moisture which comes with the True Match.

The lipsticks are just awesome! Rocking a red bold lip for an entire night without staining or needing to re-apply the color is just heaven. I’ve worn this color and I could eat, drink, kiss 😉 and it would not smudge!

I created this look with the Infallible products. I used the Infallible Stay Fresh foundation in 300, both the Infallible Color Eye Shadow in Endless Chocolate (lid) and Purple Obsession (lower lash line) and on the lips Toujours Teaberry.  

Hope you enjoyed this drugstore review!

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Love, Sarah

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  1. Fab review Sarah – I have to say I’ve been using the L’Oreal Infallible foundation and think it’s lovely but it’s definitely not lasting anywhere near 24 hours on my skin 😦 I’d highly recommend the Boots Beautifully Matte foundation – it’s gorgeous and lasts for ages if you fancy trying another Matte foundation 🙂 Great post as always, Karen xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Karen! You’re absolutely right! I thought I did explain about the 24 hours in the final verdict. Guess it didn’t came across clear enough. I changed my sentences a little bit. Hopefully is clear now.

      Comparing it to the True Match it does last at least a working day on my skin. I do have a normal skin type which might also help when it comes to the staying power of my foundation.

      Thanks for your feedback and the tip on the Boots foundation! X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh it sure did huni, totally agree (should have put a ‘too’ in there somewhere to clarify lol) We’re definitely of the exact same opinion, though I haven’t tried the True Match yet which I’ve read alot of great things about – my skin tends to drink foundation this time of year so think I might need to up my game in the primer department!! Any suggestions for a good primer by any chance? 🙂 XX

        Liked by 1 person

      • True Match is great for a more dewy look. Not if you’re very oily though 🙂 I’ve been using the Sephora Smoothing Primer and a Kiko Setting spray! 🙂 Works well for me! X


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