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Sarah’s Picks | July 2015

Hello loves!

I realize more than ever how fast time is going since I’m doing these monthly favorites posts! It’s already August and all fall fashion collections are already in stores. I’m definitely not done with summer yet, so I’m still hoping for a few more summer days when I’m off.

This month’s favorites are a couple of products, mostly beauty. I haven’t bought much stuff, but there are certainly some things I was using a lot in July. So let’s dig in!

Beauty | Rimmel | Wake Me Up Mascara €13.50

I’ve seen adds about this mascara and I got it on sale for €9.99. This mascara has a formula with vitamins and cucumber extract. It helps the lashes feel conditioned throughout the day. The first thing I noticed is the smell. The smell is amazing! I wish every mascara would smell like this. This mascara indeed smells like cucumber. Every morning when I use this mascara I just can’t help myself to smell it constantly while applying my mascara. There have been several times where I ended up with a streak of mascara on my nose because of the smelling. I don’t see much of a difference when it comes to added volume or length. For me this isn’t really an issue because I use this mascara very early in the morning when my eyes are super sensitive. I just need something simple that doesn’t dry out my lashes, doesn’t clump and just gives that little extra something. If you’re going for big volume and lots of length this might not be the best mascara to use.

Beauty | Anastasia Beverly Hills | Shadow Couture World Traveler palette $35

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I’ve been using this palette to create looks a lot of times. I ordered a couple of Anastasia Beverly Hills products online from their website. These are my first products from them. This palette is my current obsession and it actually replaced my Too Faced Chocolate Bar for the moment. The eye shadows are super pigmented, creamy and beautiful.

Beauty | Anastasia Beverly Hills | Wiz Brow in Dark Brown $18

Before I ordered the Brow Wiz I was using the Maybelline Eye Brow pencil all the time. Paying $18 for a brow pencil, this pencil must be damn good! And I have to say that it absolutely is! The texture of the pencil is different that any other brow pencil I’ve tried. Regular brow pencils are a little greasier. The Brow Wiz has a different texture which makes the eye brows look more natural. The Brow Wiz almost has a more powdery finish, but with the precision of a pencil.

Beauty | Bodyshop | Coconut Shimmer Body butter €16.00

I went to Bodyshop to get an new tube of my favorite face scrub, the Microdermabrasion Vitamin C face scrub. I got this coconut body butter for free with my purchases. Lucky for me I love everything that’s coconut 🙂 This body butter is like other body butters from the Bodyshop. The texture is thick, creamy and the coconut smell is lovely. Only this one has an added shimmer which makes this body butter perfect for summer time. The shimmer is very pretty and very noticeable.

Beauty | House of lashes | Siren €12.00

My new favorite lashes! For false lashes I’ve been using falsies from Eylure and Ardell most of the time. The lashes by House of lashes are everywhere on social media and I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while now. I was a bit hesitant because these lashes are quite pricey compared to the other brands I’m using. But the web shop I ordered them from had a free shipping deal, so I caved. I ordered the lashes in Siren and the iconic ‘Iconic’ lashes. I like the way the Siren lashes are shaped. Usually you have the shorter lashes on the inner corner, going longer towards the outer corner. But these lashes are short on the inner and outer corner and longer in the center of the eye. If you follow me in Instagram you will see lots of looks where I’m wearing the Siren lashes.

Beauty | L’oreal Glam Bronze Eau de Soleil | €12.00

This is one of those products where I just couldn’t believe I didn’t know it existed. When I’m in Germany I always pop into the DM, which is a German drugstore. I saw this little bottle, comparable to the Eau de Teint foundation. But this is not a foundation, it’s a liquid bronzer. When looking up this product online I saw that this liquid bronzer was already released last year in some countries. Quite sure I haven’t seen this here in the Netherlands. This liquid bronzer has the same texture as the Eau de Teint foundation. It’s very light and it’s enriched with gold micro pigments to add a natural, light reflecting bronze look for luminous looking skin. Sound fab right? If you’re skin tone is light to medium this is perfect as a bronzer on those specific area’s on your face. If you skin tone is somewhat like mine, which is medium to tan to olive, this liquid bronzer matches your skin tone almost exactly and could be worn as an all over bronzer foundation. It matched my skin tone exactly. Lately I’ve been using this if I’m looking for a light coverage and a bronzy glowy finish.

Books | The girl on train by Paula Hawkins €15.95

I’ve had this book in my hands a couple of times. The other day I saw two passengers on board reading this book and one of them said it was very good. I just started but I’m really enjoying it so far. I really like books in the thriller genre and the reviews are also very good. Apparently this book is comparable to Gone Girl, which I haven’t read yet. So far the story is good and book is very easy to read! If you’re still going on a holiday, this is perfect for on the plane or at the beach. I promise you, it’s going to be hard to put it down!

So this was it for my July’s favorites! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Until next time!

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Love, Sarah

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