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My top 4 beauty vloggers

Hi guys!

A big kiss from hot and sunny Toulouse in South France! Hope everyone is having a great day! Today I am sharing my favorite beauty vloggers with you! 🙂 At the moment I’m probably subscribed to approximately fifteen beauty vloggers. But these four are absolutely my favorites. It’s fun to watch their older video’s too. It’s cool to see how they started to where they are now.

Here is a little background information on my favorite beauty vloggers, a link to their channel and a video I really liked. I got this information from their Q&A video’s, so if there is a mistake somewhere. Please let me know 😉

Nicole Guerriero is somewhere in het late twenties (I believe she is 28 or 29). She is half Italian/ half Argentinian and lives in Florida. I believe she started doing You Tube video’s five years ago. I love her makeup, her hair and style. She does fabulous scary Halloween tutorials too! She was the winner of the Ryan Seacrest Best Youtube Beauty Guru contest in 2013. She is also known for being a tall girl (she is 5’9 = 175cm) which even in the Netherlands is indeed quite tall for a woman 🙂

Carli Bybel is somewhere in her early to mid twenties and lives in New Jersey. With her dark brown hair and her big blue eyes she has somewhat of a resemblance to Megan Fox. Her first video uploaded three years ago. Her tutorials are glam, chic and feminine. She also does a lot of fashion video’s.

Desi Perkins is in her late twenties,  lives in sunny California and is of Mexican/Spanish descent. She uploaded her first You Tube video in the summer of 2013. She gained more than 1 million subscribers today. I love her because of her sense of humor in her video’s and she does some amazing scary Halloween tutorials as well!

Teni Panosian is also in her late twenties. She is of Armenian descent. Besides doing makeup and beauty video’s on Youtube she is also a blogger, an actress and model. Busy bee! Teni’s looks are most of the time very natural looking. Her skin always looks flawless! She started Youtube about three years ago.

Who are your favorite beauty guru’s? Anyone I should really check out? Leave me a comment below!

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Love, Sarah

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  1. I’m so happy I tripped over this post! I’ve been thinking about looking up youtubers like this, but never really put my soul to it, haha! I watched one video of each and I subscribed to every of them, of course! 🙂

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  2. We have the same taste in YouTubers 😁. You need to check out shaanxo, Kathleen lights, lustrelux, chloe morello, Amanda Ensing, Heidi hamoud, Lauren Curtis and Casey holmes😁 that should keep you busy for a while 😂 xx

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