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Nails for summer

Hi guys!

Looking at this nail polish collage really gives me a summer feeling! I was never really a nail polish kind of girl, except for special occasions. Mainly because the nail polishes I could afford were not long lasted. I always get cranky when I’ve done my nails and a couple of hours later it’s already chipped. Grrrr.. I just don’t want to paint my nails every single day and a chipped nail doesn’t look very chique. So I would wear no nail polish or a transparent one.

But lately I’m really liking it. I also love how it looks when wearing my uniform. It also helps that I’ve been discovering more brands that have good quality nail polishes, but are still affordable. I love nail polishes from Kiko and Essie. Good quality and cheap! I’ve created this collage with some cute nail polishes for summer. All very happy, colorful and bright. It almost looks like candy!

  1. Inglot Nail Enamel Matte in 722 €9.00
  2. Opi Hawai Collection in Is Mai Tai Crooked €14.25
  3. Kiko in 19 Fluorite Purple €4.90
  4. Rimmel Rite Ora Collection in Roll in the Grass €3.99
  5. Essie in Make Some Noise €10.00
  6. Dior in 661 Bonheur €23.00
  7. KOH in 138 Sahara €18.90
  8. Chanel in 473 Coromandel €23.00
  9. Rimmel Rita Ora Collection in Peachella €3.99

Hope you enjoy this pretty cute summer nail polishes collage post! Have you tried any of these colors? Are there any colors I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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Love, Sarah

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