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Contouring is out. Strobing is in!

Hello loves!

In the past weeks I’ve been stumbling upon articles about ‘strobing’ many times. Eeehh what?! Yes. My thoughts exactly. What on earth is ‘strobing’?! There is a new makeup trend going on inside beauty world. Time for me to dig into this new trend and see what it’s about. Thinking about the word ‘strobing’ the first thing that comes to mind is a strobe light. And indeed strobing has everything to do with light and lighting.

Since Kim K. introduced us to her world of contouring it has been an it word ever since. Everybody wanted and needed to contour. Because let’s face it. If you can fake a nose job just with makeup. Who wouldn’t be down? Even I can tell how popular contouring is by the reviews on my blog posts. My post on How I contour and highlight is being viewed many times every day.

So what is the difference between contouring and strobing? Contouring is all about using dark shades to create shadows to chisel your face. The lighter shades are used to highlight the areas you want to stand out. Contouring is about defining your features. Creating a smaller nose, more defined cheekbones, a smaller forehead (my personal favorite) or reduce a dubbel chin.

The contouring technique is not same for every face shape and therefore not super easy. Not using it right or using wrong colors will look weird. That’s probably why everything on ‘how to contour’ has been so wildly popular. I personally did contour my face when I was going out. Mostly all the time when it was evening, a special occasion or when I take my picture (for Instagram). During the day I’d only slightly contour my cheekbones.

But lately I have been skipping the contour completely. I just wanted to rock the more natural, flawless and glowy look. And guess what? Strobing is all about that! Strobing is all about using highlight to enhance your features, without using dark shades. It’s also about creating a flawless and dewy finish to your face. No more blending which makes strobing a bit easier to do than contouring.

So how do I strobe my face?  I strobe, you strobe, we are strobing… This sounds so weird 😉  I would mix a little bit of L’oreal Eau de Teint in 170 with my Kiko Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream to get that glowy effect. My favorite highlighters are the Kiko Eyeshadow in 208 or Flormar Terracotta Powder in Rose Gold. In the picture above I’ve used foundation, concealer and lots of highlighter. I will do a post on my complete strobing look soon.

Have you tried strobing? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time.

Love, Sarah

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*Update June 25, 2015: Hi guys! A little update. I just found out that one of the beauty vloggers I follow uploaded a short video yesterday on strobing. Great minds think alike 😉 This is her video! Enjoy!



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