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What to wear when travelling on an airplane

Hi loves!

Hope everyone is doing well! Back with a new post today on what to wear when travelling on an airplane. And more importantly what not to wear. I have seen my share of travel outfits passing by when working. Obviously everyone should wear whatever they want, but these are my tips on how to be comfortable and still classy.

1. The temperature on board is difficult to control. I’ve had so many times where I would burn of hot flashes while a passenger is asking for a blanket. The temperature is rarely good for every one on board. The only solution to this is to wear layers. Wear a shirt with long sleeves or short sleeves and wear a vest or a cardigan over it. If it gets too warm, you can just take off your vest. Bring a big scarf, especially in winter! Besides of using it as a scarf, you can also use it as a blanket or folded as a pillow.

2. Sometimes it might seem easy to jump on an airplane straight from the club. But miniskirts or shorts with bare legs are not recommended on board. First of all there is the temperature and second it’s not really appropriate. Instead wear something comfortable like a legging, yoga pants or loose jeans. Choose a fabric that is breathable like cotton. Ditch the skinny jeans for some boyfriend jeans. Tight clothing is so not comfortable when flying. Oh and girls, when one is wearing a legging don’t forget to cover up your butt!

3. High heels look pretty, but on board totally overrated. Instead wear comfortable shoes that are easy to take off like flats or sneakers. Your feet will also thank you when you have to walk a big distance from the departure hall to the gate. When on board, don’t go bare feet. You never know what’s on the aircraft floor. Things don’t get cleaned thoroughly every single day. Bring a pair of thick fluffy fleece socks to wear during the flight. They keep your feet warm and you don’t have to worry about all the obscure stains in the carpet. Oh and if you need to use the lavatory. For the love of God wear your shoes! That might not be water on the lavatory floor!

I’ve created a little collage of an outfit I would wear when flying! I wore those yoga pants on board on my last holiday. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the fluffy fleece socks online. Probably because it’s more a winter item. Hope you like it!

travdel outfit


  1. Vero Moda €14.95
  2. Pieces €24.95
  3. Zalando €9.99
  4. H&M €19.99
  5. Adidas €89.95

These are my personal tips on what to wear when flying. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I will soon do a post on all travel essentials when flying.

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Until next time!

Love, Sarah





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