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Food for the soul

Good day loves!

It’s been a busy week at work. But today was my last day before my holiday. I have 2,5 weeks off from today. Yayy! 🙂 No plans for any holidays, but who knows. I might jump on a plane in a last-minute decision. During my holiday I actually want to get so much stuff done I didn’t get to in the past months. I also have so many ideas for my blog, which has got my head spinning. Time has not been my friend and I need to work on a posting schedule which I can combine with flying.

Today I want to add a new recurrent post to my blog. I love to watch and save any amazing and beautiful pictures I find on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or anywhere. I call it my personal therapy or moment of peace. Just a simple image can give you a certain feeling or remind you of something. Every now and then I will add an inspo collage post with a certain key word. I’m calling this recurrent post: food for the soul. Sometimes we need to be remembered on how beautiful the world can be!

Hope you enjoy!


Love, Sarah


Images credit: are not mind, but found via tumblr, pinterest, weheartit etc.


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