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Flormar makeup haul

Hi guys!

Whenever I’m in Italy I always have a look at Kiko and Flormar. Flormar is also an Italian makeup brand, but produced in Turkey. I did heard of the brand before through Instagram but never ran into it until last summer in Bologna. I did picked up a few things then, but not much. Just wanted to try it out. I really liked it so far so I went back again.

Let’s take a look at the brand first! Flormar was born in 1970 in Milan, Italy and carried it’s production to Turkey in 1972. Starting off with nail polish Flormar became widely known in Turkey. They expanded their products offering high quality with budget prices. The high customer satisfaction and market leadership that Flormar achieved in Turkey has leaded the company to expand to the international markets. Therefore Flormar now exports its products to more than 80 countries. Flormar products are not tested on animals.

There are a couple of stores in the USA, in Europe and in the Middle East. But as far as I could tell from their website there aren’t any stores in the UK yet. Online shopping is only available for Turkey. To all my dutchies. There are two Flormar stores in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Enschede.

So let me show the products from Flormar I’ve picked up. I’ve made some swatches on my inner arm to show you the color payoff. I have a tan olive skin tone. These are all one swipe from up to down with my finger.


Top picture from left to right:

  • Teracotta Powder 27 Rose Gold (1)
  • Teracotta Blush-On 44 Pink Bronze (2)
  • Quartet Eye Shadow 410 Byzantkine Touch (3,4,5)
  • Terracotta Mono Eye Shadow E10 (6)

I  got the Blush-On a couple of months ago and have been using it a lot. It’s comparable to a baked blush. I use it when I’m in the mood for a shimmery blush on my cheeks. The color lasts quite long.

Bottom picture from left to right:

  • Ultra Eyeliner in Purple (1)
  • Ultra Eyeliner in Gold (2)
  • Quartet Eye Shadow 409 Electric Tones (3,4,5,6)
  • Long Wearing Lipstick L034 Extraordinary Purple (7)

I have been trying out the long wearing lipstick today. I must say. I absolutely loveeeee the color! It’s gorgeous. I saw Cheryl Cole on tv once wearing a beautiful violet pink lipstick. This color comes very close. It’s comparable to MAC Heroine lipstick. I can tell it is long wearing. I really had trouble getting the swatch of my arm without using a cleansing wipe.

As far as the other products. I still have to try them out and play with them. As soon as I have I will write a review about them. The price range of the products are comparable with drugstore products like L’oreal and Max Factor. I don’t remember the prices exactly. I kept the receipt but lost it 😦 I believe the Terracotta Powders costs around €12, the Quartet Eye Shadows are around €8 and the Lipstick was around €10.

Who knows Flormar? Have you tried any of their products out? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love, Sarah





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