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Life of a flight attendant 3

Hi guys!

In my last travel blog post I already talked about Bologna. I visited Bologna again last week. All summer I’m almost never there but in winter time I am there every month. So for now I will just show you some pictures and leave it with that. Sometimes a picture says more than a 1000 words! 😉

Piazza Maggiore

City view from my room

Grocer just of Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore


I have been to Alesund, Norway for the second time. This time we had quite some time in the afternoon because pickup was at 4 pm. I skipped breakfast and went for a walk in the town center. The weather forecast said it was approximately 11 degrees Celsius, but with the sun shining it was actually very warm outside. Alesund is a harbor town. I walked around and made a couple of pictures.  I always feel like that the air is so much more fresh. Perhaps because I’m close to the sea, further up north and near the mountains.


Hope you enjoyed this short post and the pictures I took!

Love, Sarah



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