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Review: Underground London Lashes Volume 008

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having an amazing day! My birthday was in February and most of my friends just bought me makeup or a gift card to buy makeup 🙂 My bestie got me a nice red lipstick and a pair of false eyelashes. A brand I haven’t heard of before. It’s the Underground London Lashes. I got the pair to add volume in the number 008.

I just love false eyelashes. I tried them out for the first time a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. My own eyelashes are short, thin and straight. There is no mascara in the world that can fix that unfortunately. So every now and then, for a special occasion, I pair my outfit with false lashes. My favorites are from Eyelure and Ardell. Being a falsies lover, I was really excited to try these out.

When I tried to look up some information about this brand I couldn’t find much. No website. No background information. There are twelve different styles of eyelashes all under the categories volume or natural. There are also individual eyelashes. The packaging of the eyelashes look very edgy and cool. The lashes are sold separately in a box and they come with a small tube of eyelash glue.

natural 001 natural 003When taking the eyelashes out I immediately feel how light weight they are. The band of the eyelashes are also very thin and translucent. The thicker the band, the harder it is to glue them on. The band is also very flexible which is also a plus. The way the lashes are attached to the band gives it a very natural look. Of course it’s a lot of lashes to give it volume. But the look is more natural compared to eyelashes which are dramatic and pointy (for example the 003).

My eyes aren’t very big, so usually I have to cut them to make them fit. I  didn’t have to do that with these ones. I love the feeling of the eyelashes. I can’t barely feel them on my eyes. They look amazing! I am absolutely in love with them and will certainly get some more. These eyelashes can be bought online or exclusively (for all my dutchies) at Ici Paris. They sell for €7.99. Of course you can re-use them a couple of times. Just make sure you clean the glue of your eyelashes with tweezers after using them.

Hope you enjoyed this review. What kind of eyelashes are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. Have a good weekend!

Love, Sarah



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