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Summer wardrobe basics

Hurray! Summer is just around the corner. The weather has been improving in the past couple of weeks. We even had our first ‘terrasjes weer dag’ here in my hometown. Which basically means all bars and restaurants have their tables outside because it’s warm enough. And then you’ll just sit down, relax, have a drink and chat with friends. There isn’t really a good english translation for this word. It’s just a perfect day to catch some sun and catch up with your friends.

With summer peeking around the corner I started to clean out my closet. Packing up all my winter clothing and adding my summer wardrobe. There are a couple of items every girl needs in her spring/summer wardrobe. Some basics that are easy to mix and match with so many other items. Looking at my collage of summer basics I noticed it looks quite black and white. But these items are my basics. So I will switch these up with other colors to give a summer feeling to it.

1\ A denim jacket never goes out of style. Denim has always been popular. I like this denim jacket particularly because it is fitted. And I like a dark wash better than a light one. A denim jacket can be worn with everything. Jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts. Therefore a must have. – Only €29.95.

2\ A crisp white blouse. Beyonce once said in an interview I you don’t know what to wear. Just wear jeans, a crisp white blouse and a red lipstick. She is right. White looks fresh and cool. Just as versatile as a denim jacket. – WE €34.99

3\ A black blazer. I kept a black blazer in my suitcase all the time last summer. If the weather isn’t warm enough or when it cools down in the evening a black blazer is perfect to have with you. – Only €39.95

4\ Every girl needs a nude shoe and a ballerina in her closet. Nudes are easy to combine with everything and are wearable under skirts, dresses or pants. – Tamaris €39.95

5\ A classic black leather pump. This is an item that is a must have basic for all seasons. If your black pumps from winter time are still looking fresh and shiny. Perfect. Don’t need to buy a new pair. You can easily spice up a sporty look by adding high heels. – Manfield €69.99

6\ Comfy sneakers. I am currently in love with the Adidas Supercolor Sneakers collection available in fifty colors. Unfortunately sold out almost everywhere. As a basic item the regular white ones are perfect. Fresh looking and comfortable to wear. And they make an outfit sporty but stylish when wearing them under a dress or skirt. Love this style. – Adidas €89.95

7\ A little black dress. Another item that is also a must have for all seasons. A LBD dress never goes out of style. I love wearing a simple black dress with sneakers or with high heels if i need to look more elegant and formal. – Supertrash €80

8\ Sunglasses. I feel naked without it. These aviator sunglasses are lighter and appear less heavy than those big black sunglasses. Ideal when sitting on the terrace chatting with friends, so they can still see your face. – Micheal Kors €200

9\ A summer scarf. Just a simple light fabric. To give a little something to my outfit or to keep me warm when it’s cooling down in the evening. – Pieces €8.95

10\ Last but definitely not least: a black leather handbag! An item that is also easy to use in winter time. This bag completes everything and is easy to mix with everything. Another classic item. – Manfield €99.99


These are my summer wardrobe basics. Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you agree with me or did I miss something in my top 10? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Sarah

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