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Life of a flight attendant 2

Hi guys!

It’s Tuesday again, so that means a new travel blog post. Last week I have been on standby. Unfortunately I didn’t get called out to do a very exciting night stop. So for this weeks post I will go further back into my trips. Still plenty excited things I haven’t shared with you yet.

I was suppose to be in Bilbao, Spain today. Lucky me I got a terrible cold over the weekend. On my way to Norway yesterday my ears were hurting so much I had to go home sick. Boohoo! I was so excited to go to Spain. Hopefully I will get another chance soon!


I have said it before. I love Italy. Bologna is another gorgeous city in Italy. Bologna has also the oldest university in Europe which was build in 1088. Another thing Bologna is famous for is the famous ragu alla bolognese sauce which today is known worldwide as bolognese sauce. I haven’t had the chance to eat a authentic ‘tagliatelle al ragù alla bolognese’ yet. But I will do my best next time I am in town. I am all up for good food!

A famous square in Bologna is called the Piazza Maggiore. This is a picture of the square by night. Bologna is also a good city to go shopping. There is a long shopping street called the Via dell Indipendenza. I spotted Zara, H&M, Bershka, Kiko and so much more. If you keep walking straight ahead on the Via dell Indipendenza you will walk into the Fountain of Neptune. Pass the fountain you will stand directly on Piazza Maggiore. 

Don’t forget to explore the small streets on the left side of the square. Here you will find those little restaurants, wine shops, a butcher which sells delicious Italian hams or a cheese shop where you can buy good Parmesan cheese.

The last time I was in Bologna we went for dinner at Osteria del Orsa which is located on the Via Marsala. The place is simple with wooden pick nick looking tables and benches. The food is great! I ordered a big bruschetta with sausages and cheese as a starter. As a main course I decided to skip pasta and have a steak with salad. The steak was big, juicy and very tasteful. The bill all together with a bottle of wine was around 18 euro’s per person. Not bad right?

Lucky me. I am in Bologna again next week! 🙂


Nuremberg is one of my favorite night stops in Germany. The city is historical and the hotel we’re staying in has an amazing breakfast buffet (with champagne for those who don’t have to fly). Nuremberg has a big history and played a big part during World War 2. More information on this can be found at the Documentation Center which is a well known museum in Nuremberg. I haven’t been there yet because I feel it is quite a heavy way to spend my free afternoon. Things like World War 2 still gets me every time.

Nuremberg is also known for it’s Christmas markets alsno known as Christkindlesmarkt. I was lucky enough to visit it last winter. Perfect to spend an afternoon. Have some bratwurst, lebkuchen and gluhwein 🙂

During summer months a part of the center is turned into a city beach also known as Stadtstrand. This is such a nice way to spend a sunny warm afternoon. They have created a beach area in the city. You can sit down and relax with a beer. There are plenty of stalls to buy drinks or food. Last year I crossed a small bridge to reach the Stadtstrand. The bridge was covered with love locks! Very beautiful to see. Stadtstrand is opened from the 1st of May until the 26th of June when the weather is good!

This is it for this week again! Enjoy your week guys. xo


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