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Being a flight attendant I travel through Europe a lot! I usually have at least half a day on a destination. Of course we still go out to explore the city, be a tourist, have a drink and a bite to eat. Even when I’ve been to a city before there is always something new to discover. Weather it is a nice restaurant to eat or a beautiful park to sit and relax. I want to wrap all these little travel details together for you in a short post every now and then. Florence

A couple of months ago I wrote a whole post about Florence. Such a beautiful and lovely city. Lucky me I got to go back a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I’m in Italy, even though it’s just a short nightstop, I always have a holiday feeling. In Italy restaurants close late in the afternoon to open again in the beginning of the evening. For us as cabin crew, when you’re the early shift, this is quite annoying. We usually have dinner around five or six because we have to get up around four in the morning. Exactly the time most restaurants are closed. We decided to go for a big lunch.

We went to this little restaurant called Tratoria del Orto which was recommended by a colleague. I believe it’s a twenty minute walk from the famous Ponte Vechio. There is a day menu or you can order á la carte. We chose the menu. We had a pasta starter, a main course, half a liter of red wine, half a liter of white wine, sparkling water and still water. The food was superb and the wine delicious. The bill: €12.50 per person. The owner speaks English quite well and will explain any questions regarding the menu. I will definitely be back again! 


A new destination on my roster was Stavanger in Norway. We had a nice 24 hour layover there, which rarely happens for us. We went for a walk in the city. There is a harbour with bars with heated terraces to have a drink. If you walk to the old part of town you will see these small streets with white houses. Very pretty! Stavanger is today considered the center of the oil industry in Norway. There is a Petroleum Museum to visit if you’re interested. I might give that a go next time I’m in town!


Of all the places I’ve been to in the UK. I think Cardiff is the best one to go shopping. They have all the shops you can ask for. Most of them situated in a mall, which are all connected. Perfect when it’s raining. Lucky for me this day the weather was warm and sunny. There is a massive Primark. I think it’s the biggest I’ve ever been to. When I’m in the UK I always make a stop at Superdrug. I got myself a new stash of eyelashes!  

And I picked up this cute ‘Nothing to wear’ t-shirt from New Look. I had my eye on it since I saw it online in their webshop and wrote about it in my ‘Cool text tees‘ post. It was only £9.99! 

This is it for now. Have a lovely week! Today I’m on standby. I’m still waiting for a call.. In the mean time, I’ll soak up some sun. Summer is just around the corner! Yayy! xo


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  1. What a brill idea Sarah – really looking forward to reading it!! Lucky gal with all your travelling opportunities, even if they are with work 🙂 Karen x


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