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It’s recurrent time – 1 year later

Say what? Yes. Recurrent. All my fellow cabin crew will understand. Recurrent is a mandatory training and exams we have to pass again every year. Just to keep all flight safety updated and in our minds. For me it’s a full two day training which I have to prepare for in advance. So these couple of weeks I am hitting the books again. Going over all flight safety procedures you have to know being a flight attendant. 

That being said. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Time flew by. Literally. Exactly a year ago on the 17th of March I started with my initial course. And 4,5 weeks later on the 16th of April I recieved my wings. I have been flying for a year now. I can say that it is all I have been expecting of it. Yes it’s hard work, long days, the occasional grumpy passenger, early hours (not my strongest point) and I’m away from home a lot. But all the lovely layovers, the sweet passengers and my cool colleagues makes everything worthwhile. I would’t want to miss it.

I can’t think of anything else I would rather do. Working while getting to see more of the world. I love it. Today I am having a lovely Italian pasta in Turin while tomorrow I am enjoying a good glass of wine in Toulouse. What other job can beat that?

Love, Sarah.



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