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The story about my hair

Hello loves!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I apologize for being away too long. I’ve been back to work after a two week holiday. I had a busy roster last week. I always need some time to adjust after a holiday. This is going to be my first post about my hair. My hair is naturally wavy. Not really curly. Definitely not straight. I don’t really have a loving relationship with my hair. My hair is thin, frizzy, dry and grows very very slowly.

Over the past couple of years I have learned some things on how to handle my hair. I usually wear it straight. If I let my hair air dry it just looks too messy and unpolished to me. So I use a hair straightener to straighten it. I do this once a week to avoid excessive damage to my hair. And I am using a heat protectant from Tressemé. My hair will stay straight for a couple of days, unless it gets wets. To keep it looking smooth I usually put in a small amount of shine wax from Schwarzkopf. This makes it less frizzy and gives it a nice healthy looking shine.

To get a good set of curls I am using a diffuser. I wash my hair and when it’s towel dry I use a wide tooth comb to comb it through. Just a little bit, because combing your hair when it’s wet could cause breakage. Then I use a volume mist by Andrelon and curls mousse also by Andrelon. I really knead the mousse into my hair while slanting my head. I grab my hair from the ends and knead upwards to get the curls into shape. Then I use my diffuser on the lowest level to set the curls. Putting the ends into the diffuser and pressing it upwards onto my scalp. I stop when my hair is dry 75%. Finally I am using a hair oil on my ends to reduce any frizziness. I love the hair oil by Biosilk, but lately I have been using an argan hair oil from Balea.

This is the final result. The curls will stay good all day, but only for one day. The most important thing is to do this immediately when my hair is towel dry.  If it’s dry and I will try to work in the mousse and use the diffuser it will become one big messy fluffy pile of frizziness. We don’t want that. The picture below is what my hair looks like when it’s been washed and air dried.

There are a couple of products I am currently using. I have to say that I haven’t found my holy grail in hair products yet. Especially when it come to shampoo’s and conditioner. I’m switching them regularly. Lately I have been using two different brands, switching them of every couple of months. These are the Volume & Care by Andrelon and the Ultimate Repair by Gliss Kur. I love them but I’m not over the moon about them. They are the best I’ve come across these days. But I will keep on searching for a better one.

I try to use a hair mask once a week. Preferably leave it in for a whole night. I just sleep with a towel on my pillow. The hair mask I’m currently using is from Syoss the Keratin Primer. It leaves my hair soft and it smells good.

What kind of hair products are you using? Any recommendations? Please leave me a comment below! I am currently trying to grow out my hair. But my hair doesn’t seem to grow the normal 1 centimeter a month. Any advice on how to grow out my hair any faster?

I would love to hear all your recommendations!



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