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Thoughts – Turning 31

Hello loves!

First of all I would like to wish everyone an awesome weekend. Lucky me. I am having weekend with the rest of the world this time too. A week ago on the 20th of February I turned 31. I have been thinking about this number and I would like to share my feelings with you.

A year ago when I turned 30, it was a special moment for me. I mean. The big 3-0. That’s something right? I left my twenties and now I am officially in my thirties. If I go back 10 years. I would have pictured my life completely different at 30 then it is today. I always thought that when I was 30 I would be married and maybe already have a baby. Well. I turned 31 and no marriage, no boyfriend and definitely no baby.

I had people asking me how I feel about turning 31 while having non of the above. I guess people expect that when you turn a certain age you have to be in a particular stage of your life. My answer to that is very simple. Although I turned 31 I still feel exactly the same as when I was 26. I’m healthy and happy with my life. I have the dream job I wanted for a long time. I have my friends and family who I love and appreciate every day. What else do I need?

Yes. Someday I am hoping to bump into Mr. Right. But for now. I am perfectly happy with life as it is. And let’s not forget. Growing older is a gift. A gift denied to so many people. That’s why I celebrate my birthday every single year. I will never regret growing older. It’s a blessing. Age to me is just a number. In my mind I will feel 21 forever 😉

The only thing that’s different is that I started to use an anti wrinkle cream and I am watching my diet much better than I used to. I am taking much better care of my skin and health in general. I want to grow older, but I would like to look young and stay healthy as long as possible!

How do you feel or felt about leaving your twenties? Let me know in the comments below!






  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!!! As long as your healthy and happy the rest will fall into place, better to wait for Mr Right than Mr Right Now (if that makes sense lol) You’re a beautiful girl, continue to enjoy your life to the full. You are SO right – it is a privilege to grow older, as so many don’t get that luxury. Such an inspiring post – have a super weekend ❤ Karen xo

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