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Valentine’s day makeup look

Hello loves!

Just a couple of days before Valentine’s day! If you still haven’t figured out what to wear or what to go for with your makeup. Keep on reading! I have created a simple but classy makeup look if you’re going on a date or even if you’re going clubbing with your friends. First I thought red would be a good color for Valentine’s day, as it is the color of looooooveeee. But instead I am going for a pink plum color.


For an outfit I would certainly wear a cute dress or skirt. Pair it with some cute pumps or booties. I would use my curling wand to curl my hair. I like big curls so it will look like I have thick hair, while it is in fact quite thin. Don’t tell anybody 😉


How did I created this makeup look?

Face\ I used my regular face routine which you can find in my previous post. Click here to check it out!

Eyes\ For the eyes I only used the Naked2 palette. On the lid I used pistol. On the inner corner of my eyes I used verve. In the crease I used tease and busted. On the lower lash line I used busted as well. Of course I used my all time favorite L’oreal superfine liner in intense black. I created a thin line winging it out quite far. For mascara I used the L’oreal voluminous. Oh and on the waterline I used NYX wonder pencil in medium.

Of course I would wear falsies on Valentine’s day. For this look I’m wearing my favorites by Eylure. The falsies in 116.

Lips\ I used the Maybelline in mauve diamonds 255. For lip liner I used P2 cosmetics lip liner in 150. The lip liner is darker than the lipstick. This will give it more dimensions. The lipstick is a beautiful pink plum color with a glitter effect. Love it!

Hope everyone will have a lovely Valentine’s day whether you’re spending it with your boo, your family or your wing girls. Let me know what you think of this makeup look in the comments below!

See ya -xo-



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