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I am officially over winter time!

Hi guys!

Hope you all have a lovely day! As the title of this post already says. I am officially over winter time. I am done. Who is with me? I like winter for like a month or so.  A certain amount of snow around Christmas time is also okay. But that should be it. February is almost here and I know we have still have a good two months to go before spring. I really can’t wait.

I created this little collage with some cute summer inspiration pictures. Things I think of when thinking about summer time. I can almost feel the heat of the sun looking at those pictures 😉 A little something to make this cold rainy winter day a little bit more bearable. Let’s hope spring will be here sooner than later. In the mean time I’ll be saving these pictures as my wallpaper and I’ll be drooling over every cute summer outfit I can find on the internet.

See you! -xo-

wintertime1 wintertime2 wintertime3 wintertime4


Disclaimer* I don’t own any of these pictures. I found them on tumblr, weheartit, pinterest and google.



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