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What’s in my trolley bag?

Hi guys!

The image of a flight attendant is not complete without the trolley bag we carry along with us. Besides our trolley bag we also have a suitcase. In my suitcase I keep my clothing, liquids and everything I buy on a layover. So what do keep I keep in my trolley bag?

Let me show you what I keep in mine.

These items are mandatory to bring them in your trolley on every flight:
– High visibility jacket
– An apron
– Mandatory flight safety papers
– Passport

Board shoes – my board shoes have a small heel. I am only 1.65cm. Usually most flight attendants I know where flat shoes on board. I like to be a bit taller. So mine have a 3cm heel.

Extra pair of tights – you’ll be going through tights like crazy as a flight attendant. Always have a spare one in your trolley. You’ll never know when you spot a ladder!

Make up bag and layover bag – if for some reason my suitcase is not there, which happened to me once. I always have some essentials in my trolley. My make up bag to do my make up in the morning. Can’t have a flight attendant without any make up 😉 My layover bag contains an extra pair of underwear, deodorant, my toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb.

– Food
– Lots of lipsticks, lipglosses and chapsticks.
– Pain killers, nose spray, multi vitamines, smints, tissues etc.

These are just some extra stuff, nice to have them with you. Sometimes I might get a bit hungry when I’m in my room. It’s always nice to have some crackers, some fruit or soup with you. I also keep my lipsticks and lip glosses in my on ‘board bag’. When I have a very early pick up I apply my lipstick when I’m on board. It is also very handy to have them nearby to re-apply.

And last but not least:

– Iphone charger
– Wallet
– Ear plugs

I hope you liked this post! What do you keep in your trolley bag? Would you like to know anything else? Leave a comment below.

Bye guys!

*Update 13 Januari 2015 – This is my trolley bag! At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted a simple cheap trolley or a more expensive one like a Samsonite. I finally bought this one thinking that I could always purchase a Samsonite eventually. I am really happy with this purchase. I especially like to black and blue color of this trolley which matches with my uniform 🙂 I got this from Kijkshop for 30 euro’s. 





  1. Anonymous says


    Ik begin maandag met mijn ini bij KLC! En ik vroeg me af wat voor trolley je hebt en waar je deze hebt gekocht?



    • Hoi! Wat leuk!

      Ik heb mijn trolley gekocht bij de Kijkshop voor 30 euro. Ik twijfelde tussen een simpele goedkope of een ‘echte’ van Samsonite. Achteraf een goede keuze. Want ik hoor van collega’s dat een duurdere net zo snel stuk gaat. Ik zal morgen even een foto van mijn trolley plaatsen op mijn blog!

      Heel veel succes met je ini en wie weet tot ziens! 🙂


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