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Party outfits for the holidays by H&M

Hello loves!

The past couple of days I have been looking online for some good party outfits for the holidays. Something that can be worn during dinner, but also to go out afterwards. I thought why not share them with you.

I have put together two outfits all by H&M. The left outfit has a gold theme. I really love the pencil skirt with gold and black sequins. The cropped top has a subtle gold glitter. The sandals have been my favorites for a long time. I think they look perfect with the pencil skirt. Of course you could go for a simple black pump, to keep the complete outfit a little simpler and let all the attention go to the skirt. Finally add a nice necklace and a clutch for your cash and lipstick. The price of the total outfit is € 124,95.

The right outfit is a little bit more expensive than the left one. The white dress has a sequin embroidery and can be worn strapless. The dress has silver details in it which I thought it would be nice to combine it with some salmon/pink accessories. I found the salmon colored pumps and clutch. A big necklace to add some detail to the neck. I personally would wear this for clubbing but add a short jacket or blazer and it’s perfect for dinner as well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find something that I liked with this dress at H&M. The total price for this outfit is €144,96.

I hope you like these two outfits or might be inspired on what to wear to that awesome Christmas or New Years party. Let me know what you think or what you’ll be wearing.


outfits by hm.


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