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My lazy Sunday essentials

Hello loves!

I thought today is a typical Sunday. A Sunday for some me time. To write this post and just enjoy doing nothing. It’s been a busy but fun week. I got home yesterday after being away for 5 days. Every once in two weeks I have a lazy me day. A day without any obligations. Some me time to relax and sleep. Today is such a day. These are my lazy Sunday essentials. Hope you like.

1\ Tea. Lots and lots of tea. My current favorite flavors are Green tea with coconut, Turkish apple and Melon. All by Pickwick. But my special winter fall tea is ‘Herfststorm’ (means Fall storm) or ‘Wintergloed’ (means Winter glow). These are special spices tea especially for this time of the year.

2\ Sweatpants, a sweater, fluffy socks and perhaps a blanket. When I’m at home I always walk around in sweatpants. I am wearing the tight skinny jeans enough during the week. At home I just want to be comfortable. For a lazy Sunday it is a must.

3\ Music. I am still listening to Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s latest albums or I’ll have the radio on.

4\ A movie or series marathon. The list would not be complete without a movie to watch or a marathon of my favorite series. I have watched Friends over and over again. It still doesn’t get boring. Other favorites are Greys Anatomy and Vampire Diaries.

5\ Takeout food. On lazy Sundays I never have the need to cook. I might make a simple salad and some eggs. But usually I’ll grab my takeout app and order food in. From Chinese to sushi to pasta or a big fat hamburger with fries! Loving my comfort food.

6\ My iphone & laptop. These babies are my essentials on every day. Couldn’t live without them. Checking FB, Instagram or write a post for my blog. I have all the time in the world to take new pictures or think of a new blog post. Everything all easy breazy.

How do you spend your lazy days? Any essentials missing from my list?


These pictures are not my own. I made this collage with pictures I found on Tumblr, Pinterest or Weheartit.


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