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False eyelashes by Eylure

I love these false lashes by Eylure! I got these from Superdrug. The glue that comes with it works perfectly. Those baby’s are staying put. Had to share this real quick! I never wore false lashes before. I remember trying them on many years ago. I struggled to get them fit and to get them glued on my lashes. Luckily lashes these days are light weight and there are so many good tutorials on how to apply them.

I personally don’t like it when the strip of the lash is poking the my inner corner of my eyes. So I cut them so it only covers 2/3 of my eye, focusing on the outer eye. I use mascara on my own lashes, this gives the falsies a stronger base. I apply the glue on the falsies and wait about 10 seconds. I hold my falsies with tweezers. For me this is the easiest way to apply them close to my lash line. I don’t use mascara on the falsies because I want to keep them good as long as possible. And the effect without mascara is already really good for me.

So after finally figuring out on how to apply them and can officially say that I’m hooked! The falsies I am using in this picture are the 116.


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