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DM drugstore haul

Hi everyone!

This is going to be my first haul post! I was in Germany a couple of weeks ago. Germany for us flight attendants is famous for the DM drugstore. The DM is comparable to Etos, Kruidvat and Superdrug. But for some reason DM is a lot cheaper. Many drugstore brands are sometimes a couple of euro’s cheaper than drugstores in the Netherlands or England. For example, my Max factor volume excess mascara was €12,00 at DM  while I have seen this for sale for €19,99 in the Netherlands.

So let’s start!

1. Bee natural in pomegranate €1,95

I really like this product. Next to the fact that it’s super super cheap it’s really gentle for my lips. I do feel that the texture is a bit soft. But that’s what you get with bee wax. I have been using it when I don’t want any color on my lips. The pomegranate smell is also very nice.

Sundance selftanning spray 150ml €2.45

While I do have a tan to olive skin tone, I was looking for a self tanning product to keep my skin tanned during winter time. We all know that the UV radiation is really damaging for your skin. So I am trying to stay away from them as much as possible by not going into the sun or using tanning beds. During winter time my skin color can get a little dull and ashy. I am hoping to use this self tanning product to boost up my color a bit. A similar product was sold by Garnier, but I decided that this product was worth the try.

Nivea in shower milk & honey 250ml €3.45

I love this! As I said in another post my skin gets really dry during winter time. I can actually feel the dryness sometimes itching and stinging on my legs. This shower gel is a shower gel and a body lotion in one. It leaves my skin with a little oily layer when leaving the shower. Perfect when you have dry skin or when you’re too lazy to use a body lotion. I belong to both 😉

Maybelline volume express mascara €4.45

Another Maybelline mascara for such a great price! I combine this mascara with my L’oreal So couture. For my short thin straight lashes, it works perfectly. It doesn’t clump or smell chemically.

L’oreal voluminous mascara €7.35

I have seen some reviews on Youtube about this mascara. I couldn’t find it in the Netherlands, so when I saw this in Germany I immediately wanted to try it. I do find it a bit dry and I like the Maybelline one better when pairing it with the So couture mascara. But I have only been using it a couple of times.

Balea 2 in 1 peeling & care pads €1.75

I could not leave the store without buying these pads. First, they’re insainely cheap like everything else from Balea. The pads have an amazing fresh smell like apples. One side is for peeling and the other side is to moisturize. At first I found it a bit strange not to wash the product off. It leaves quite some product on my skin. But it dries up very fast and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I used this before going to bed, after I washed off my make up with a face wash.

Maybelline eyehadow quad €7.85

This is also a product I have seen on Youtube a lot. The Maybelline quad eye shadows have been reviewed a lot and most beauty bloggers are really positive about them. I bought mine in the colors browns. I have used it one time now. I was expecting a lot of fall out, but that wasn’t the case luckily. The colors are beautiful and nicely pigmented. Good drugstore eye shadow for a great price. I believe the quads costs around €13.00 in drugstores in the Netherlands. Quite a difference!

Ebelin face brush €1.75

Everybody is loving the Clarasonic these days. I saw this face brush and I thought why spend 100 euro’s to buy the Clarasonic when you get do it yourself for €1.75? Using the face brush in circular motions on my entire face except the eye area with my Nivea face wash. I am only going to use this twice a week. I believe that exfoliating your skin everyday is not good for your face. But hey, that’s entirely up to you.

P2 lipstick 042 Madison Avenue €1.95

This lipstick has a deep dark purple color when you see it in the container. But when you apply it on your lips it turns up more plum and burgundy. A really pretty color. Oh and did I already mention that it’s only €1.95. Such a steel!


P2 lipliner 150 €1.75

A pretty plum burgundy lip liner to match some new lipsticks I recently bought. The texture is nice and soft. I think you could use this lip liner alone as a matte lipstick.


Balea Q10 eye pads €3.55

I haven’t used these eye pads yet. They are soaked in Q10 to make eye wrinkles less noticeable. They looked very easy to use. How handy is it to stick these on while doing the dishes? That says it all right. No further comment needed.

I hope you enjoyed my first haul post! Let’s see if any of these products will show up in my holy grail of beauty products. Did you see anything in here that you have tried yourself? Please let me know in the comment what your experiences were.

Until next time!



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