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Four new beauty products I love

Hi guys,

I have been using 4 new beauty products for the the past month or so. I would like to share with you. They have been out there for a while now. I recently tried them out and really love them.

  1.  L’oreal skin perfection serum
  2. Nivea cellular anti age day cream
  3. BH cosmetics pop art brush set
  4. Balea repair hair oil


I have a combination skin that turns dry during winter time. With the weather getting colder I can actually feel my skin getting drier. Especially on my body, during winter time my skin gets cracked. My skin is also really sensitive. It took me a long time to find affordable skin care products that didn’t cause me to break out. When I picked up the L’oreal skin perfection serum I was really praying that it would be gentle to my skin. And hurray, it was! I bought it one sale for €10,00 the regular price around €16,00. I love the way my skin feels after using this serum. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth all over.

L’oreal skin perfection serum is a powerful formula enriched with Perline-P and patented LR 2412, helps transform the appearance of skin quality. Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even, skin texture feels silky-soft.The satin-touch serum helps boost hydration and refine skin texture.

I do feel that my pores are less visible and it does leave my skin smooth and soft. So yes, really loving it and recommend it!

After using my L’oreal skin perfection serum I use a day cream. I have been using the Nivea Q10 day cream for the past couple of years. I love this product. It’s gentle to my skin and it moisturizes perfectly. Since I turned the big 30 this year, I wanted to try a day cream that prevents wrinkles and makes them less visible. I don’t really have wrinkles in my face, accept for the laugh lines and dry lines around my eyes. But I thought better to prevent than cure right? I got the Nivea cellular anti age day cream on sale as well for €8,00, the original price is around €16,00. This day cream accelerates skin’s own skin cell renewal. I also like the fact that this cream is thicker than the Q10. It feels much richer, perfect for my dry skin in winter time.

Wrinkles are visibly reduced. Noticeably firmer skin and faster skin renewal. Skin is replenished with intense moisture. Skin feels smooth and silky.

My skin does feel smooth and soft and really moisturized. I haven’t seen any specific improvement on the lines around my eyes, but I have been using this only for a month now.

I have been using this BH cosmetics pop art brush set for almost two months now. I use these brushes everyday. They feel soft and the quality is perfect. This brush set is also very affordable like everything else from BH cosmetics. Perfect if you don’t have a big budget. Sometimes with cheaper brushes the bristles have a fall out. I haven’t experienced that with these brushes at all. I bought mine through a Dutch web shop for €24,95. You can also order them from BH cosmetics web shop. They come in this cute container, which makes it easy to take them along when travelling. But you can also use the container like I do, as a brush holder.


The last product I bought in Germany at DM drugstore. Balea is their house brand. It’s a hair oil with argan oil in it. I use it after I wash my hair on the ends or I run a little bit on my complete hair after I’m finished styling it. I get many complements that my hair shines like crazy after using this. So yes, loving it. I was also very cheap, I don’t remember exactly but I think it was a couple of euro’s. To prevent hair from getting greasy I am only using a small pomp, almost like the size of 20 cent coin.

These are my new favorite beauty products. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit the like button.

See ya,



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