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In the spirit of Halloween

Hello guys!

I am finally back from a 5 day trip, so I finally have the time to write a new post again.

This Friday as you all already know it is Halloween. To my greatest regret we don’t celebrate Halloween in The Netherlands which is such a shame. I wish we had Halloween over here. We would rock Halloween. To experience Halloween myself in the US one time is one of the things on my bucket list.

My favorite beauty vloggers are posting lots of Halloween tutorials. So inspiring and such amazing work. I have to share some of my favorites with you. I am obsessed by them. I can literary watch them over and over again. They mainly use make up products, which makes it so cool.

Although we don’t celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands, we do have a holiday called Carnaval. If you live in The Netherlands below the rivers (as we call it here) you will be familiar with Carnaval. It’s from origin a catholic holiday that’s celebrated before the period of fasting. It ends before Ash Wednesday. Nowadays this holiday is turned into a five day event where everybody dresses up and parties 😉 Similar to Halloween, but less scary. Although you can still dress up as something scary.

These are two pictures from me as Egyptian goddess and as a vampire. The vampire look took some time blending and adding multiple layers and colors. I did had some red contacts as well. But, I don’t wear any contacts and I never wore them before. So, it was such a struggle to get them in. When I finally managed to get them in, they felt horrible and I kind of panicked on how to get them out. So once I got them out I threw them away. No contacts for me girl! LOL.

IMG_4550  IMG_1628

One of my favorite beauty vloggers is Nicole Guerriero. She has done a couple of amazing Halloween tutorials.

The other one is Desi Perkins. Also absolutely stunning work.

I hope you’re inspired for a scary look this Halloween! And to all the dutchies who celebrate carnaval. I hope you have something to think about for Carnaval next year. I surely do!

I would love to know what your Halloween outfit is going to be. So please leave me a comment below and don’t forget to hit the like button when you’re done reading! 😉





  1. Hi Sarah, such a super post – the videos look amazing!!! Can’t wait to watch them all. Such a shame you won’t be celebrating it where you are – sounds like you’re really into it 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a costume this year however my little girl is dressing up as a vampiress for some trick or treating. She adores this time of year for that reason alone lol Karen x


    • Hi Karen! Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed their video’s. A vampire outfit is always in style for Halloween 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Halloween. X Sarah.


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