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Flight attendant interview tips

Hello my aspiring flight attendants!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote two post on How to become a flight attendant and Selection Days. Today I will talk about tips for your interviews. I have read a lot of question on the internet about what to where, what to ask and how to prepare. I have had my share of interviews in the past. So I will give you my words of wisdom on how to behave at a job interview for an airline.

Business attire

I think this is an obvious one. But I have heard stories about girls attending a selection day or an interview not wearing any business attire. When you’re going on an interview, al-ways where business attire. Unless stated otherwise. The phrase ‘better be overdressed than underdressed’, says it all. Some airlines want a specific attire worn on their selection days. Again, wear exactly that. Emirates for example asks women specifically to wear a knee-length skirt and to put your hair in a bun. So don’t go walking in with trousers on, you will be sent home. I adjusted my business attire to the uniform regulations of my airline. Such as hair neatly up, skin colored tights (when wearing a skirt), high heels (polished), clean nails, a scarf and stud earrings. With this you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Make up

When it comes to make up for a job interview the phrase ‘less is more’ is spot on. BUT, not in the airline industry. Flight attendants are known for their flawless appearance and bold lip. In my case it’s actually in our uniform regulations that it’s mandatory to wear lipstick and mascara with your uniform. A lipgloss is also accepted and it’s doesn’t have to be a red lip. Any other natural color will also do. For your interview I feel it’s important that you wear enough make up, so you don’t look washed out. For me that meant foundation, setting powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick. I did rock the bold red lip on my interview 😉 But this is entirely up to you. You have to feel comfortable wearing it and it has to look good on you. Otherwise try a lipgloss or a lipstick softer in color. As long as you wear something on your lips.


Like any other interview you have to prepare and then prepare some more. You only have one shot to shine for you dream job. First of all begin by reading the website of the airline. Get to know as much as possible. Who is the CEO, how many aircraft do they have, where are they flying to, how many flights do they operate on a daily basis and so on. This will show that you have actually looked into the airline and made an effort to get to know the company.

These days a lot of interviews are based on the STAR technique. The STAR technique is a behavioral interview technique to assess the past experiences of a candidate to judge response to identical situations on a future job. The interviewer will ask specific questions which you have to answer with a concrete example. If you’re not familiar with this technique, on Google you can find lots of information. This will help you a bunch! A month before my interview I was trying to think of all kinds of examples I had to deal with that could relate to specific characteristics or competencies of mine that are desirable for the job. I wrote all of them down or put them in my phone, so I wouldn’t forget.

Next up I tried to think of 101 questions the interviewer could ask me. You can find a lot on Google as well. All of these questions I matched with an example. Doing this made me able to come up with an answer that was based on my previous experiences while giving the interviewer a concrete example.

The best thing about writing all of this down, is that you don’t have to dig deep into your memory to think of an example during the interview. You have everything fresh in your memory. That was the hardest thing I feel about this technique. In the past I sometimes just couldn’t think of an example. And when I was on my way home I could suddenly think of a 100 things I didn’t think of during the interview.

So this is it. I hope this was helpful and I would like to wish all you the best of luck with your interview! Always remember to be your lovely self and to be honest. These tips are based on my own experiences and should give you a heads up.

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