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Oh orange and Berry bomb baby lips electro

Hi there!

A couple of months ago I was in the UK and accidentally ran into these new Baby Lips from Maybelline. At that time I didn’t realize it was a new line from the already existing Baby Lips. It was their new Baby Lips Electro. I picked up the Pick Shock and I loved it.

Last week I was in the UK again and I picked up two new ones. The Oh Orange and Berry Bomb. A pretty orange and purple color.

The last time I reviewed Pink Shock I forgot to mention the lovely smell of these Baby Lips. The Oh Orange has a lovely fresh orange smell to it and it even taste a little bit like an orange. The Berry Bomb has a sweet Bubblicious smell. I have been trying them on today to show you and this is the result.

This is the Berry Bomb. You can see a sheer pink purple tint with blue undertones. Absolutely noticeable. But it stills feels like wearing a regular chapstick.


In the two pictures below I am wearing the Oh Orange. As you can tell the color is a sheer orange coral tint.


I absolutely love them! I have picked up a regular Baby Lips as well in the color Cherry Me. But I do see a difference in the color payoff compared to the Electro ones.

You can also use the Baby Lips underneath a matte lipstick of lip stain. My lips are really dry. A matte lip normally doesn’t work for me. I have been using my Pink Shock also with a matte pink lip stain from Sephora. It made my lips feeling less dry.

There are still three other colors left to try out. The Fierce n Tangy, Minty Sheer and Strike a Rose. The first two look quite scary with their bright yellow and green color. Have you tried them already and are you rocking a sheer green lip? 😉 Let me know!

Thanks for reading.




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