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How I contour and highlight


It’s time for a beauty post again! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review about my new Sleek Make Up Contouring Kit. I have been using it a lot lately. I usually don’t contour my face too heavy for a look during the day. But for an evening look of when you go out this always works for me. You can find my review on the Sleek Make Up kits here.

The products I’ll be using are:

  • Sleek Make Up Contour Kit in Medium.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick in 355 Coconut
  • Mayblline Fit me Concealer in 35
  • a beauty blender

So, I have been taking photo’s with my Iphone in my bathroom, where the light isn’t that good. The pictures are a little reddish, but you’ll at least get the idea of what I’m doing.

  1. I’m starting of with a clean face moisturized and primed. I already have my foundation on. With my Maybelline Foundation Stick I am drawing a line in the hollows of my cheeks, up to my ear. I am drawing the same lines on my temples and a cross my forehead. You’ll see in the pictures that the foundation stick is less noticeable on my forehead. Tan or dark skin tones can be uneven around the face. Which in my case, my forehead is slightly darker than the rest of my face. Luckily there is make up to even that out 🙂
  2. I am using a damp beauty blender to buff that into my skin.
  3. Next up I am using my Maybelline concealer on the high points of my face or the spots I want to brighten up. For me that would be on my under eye area and in the center of my forehead down to my nose. I am using the same damp beauty blender to buff that into my skin.
  4. Everything is all buffed into my skin.


  1. Next step is using a powder to accentuate everything even more. I am using the dark color from my Sleep Make Up Contour kit. Taking a medium brush, drawing a line in the hollows of my cheeks up to my ear. If your brush is too big, pinch the brush so that you have more control. Suck your face in like a fish to see the hollows of you cheeks or just feel the bones with you finger. You want to apply the contouring powder under your cheekbones.
  2. I am taking a bigger angled brush to blend that into my skin, making sure the lines are not too hard. I’m using the same brush to pick up more powder to contour the same areas on my temples and forehead. Blending everything well into my hairline. And again, make sure there are no hard lines. The edges are suppose to be blended well into you skin.
  3. The last step is my nose. I am using a small brush to contour the sides of my nose, to make it appear slimmer.
  4. I am using my Maybelline concealer on the bridge of my nose and blend that out with my beauty blender.


Once everything is blended out. I am using the lighter color from my Sleek Make Up Contour kit to set the highlighted area’s of my face. So my under eye area, down the bridge of my nose and on the forehead above my nose. As the final step you can use a translucent setting powder to set the entire face. Just a small amount will suffice. I applied some kohl liner to my eyes. This is the final result.


This is the final look with the rest of my make up on, taken in decent light.


Hope you enjoyed reading this short tutorial.

See ya!


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