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Florence, Italy

Although we get to visit so many cities, sometimes you’re just out of luck when in comes to certain popular cities. For me, one of those cities is Florence. I have been dying to go to Florence or Bologna in Italy. Mainly because I’ve never been to Italy before I became a stewardess. For some reason Italy rarely shows up on my roster. And when it does, it’s only a short stop. Luckily, we can request specific night stops or trips. Which of course, I did. I requested a trip with night stops to Newcastle, Florence and Trondheim. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see some more pictures of my night stops and other places I have been to.

So, let talk about Florence! Like I said, I have never been to Italy before I started working as a stewardess. Why I don’t know. But Italy always seemed appealing to me. Pizza, pasta and good wine. Bread, cheese, tiramisu and gelato. Amaretto and Limoncello. Good fashion. I could go on and on 😉

We arrived in Florence around 1pm. The weather was perfect. Around 25 degrees celcius. We decided to go for a walk in the city and then have a big dinner. Pick up was very early in the morning, so we usually have dinner quite early. Our hotel was not that far from the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, which we went to first. The bridge was crowded with tourists from everywhere. On the bridge itself were lots of small jewelry shops.

From the Ponte Vecchio we walked straight ahead and then took a left turn. Everywhere it was extremely busy with people. There were so many tourist probably because it was a Saturday. There are so many streets, which makes it easy to get lost. It felt like there was something special to see on every street corner. Florence has many amazing beautiful buildings.


Of course we visited the big cathedral. It is really beautiful. There was a line to get inside, so we decided not to. Maybe next time I’ll get to go inside, when it’s less busy. After the cathedral we sat down for a drink and a small appetizer. In the city there was no breeze, which made it really hot. A lovely bruschetta, some ‘prosciutto e melone’ and a big glass of diet coke was my pick. We sat down for a moment, enjoying our food and watching all the people passing by.


Italy would not be Italy without the luxury fashion brands. I spotted a bunch of them, all centered in the same area. Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss are some names that I have seen. Unfortunately, way too expensive for me.

There was so much more to see. But I think I got a good impression about Florence in this afternoon. I can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of the city. Perhaps the places that are less crowded with tourist. The other side of Florence. The city is so rich with its amazing buildings, cathedrals, churches and so much more.


I decided on my way to Florence that I wanted spaghetti carbonara for dinner. So not healthy, but so worth it. Spaghetti carbonara is made out of eggs, parmesan and bacon. I am a sucker for this specific pasta. But most restaurants (even the Italian ones) don’t know how to make a proper spaghetti carbonara. I was hoping to find a restaurant who could make this dish how it’s suppose to be. We found a little restaurant with my spaghetti carbonara on their menu and a nice glass of prosecco to pair it with.  The carbonara was good, but not perfect. Well, no problem. That just means I have to try it somewhere else again the next time! 🙂 Of course we couldn’t go back to the hotel without having a italian gelato. There are so many icecream shops. Pick one and dig in!


Hope you enjoyed this short travel blog. Will post a part 2 when I’m in Florence again.



  1. Florence is an amazing city. Very nice blog, I especially like the focus on food 😀 (it’s sooo good in Italy!)


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